I started writing gratitude posts last month and felt how important it is to be grateful. I realised that if we all look carefully, there are so many things to be grateful for. We just take things for granted sometimes and forget to be thankful for all the good things around us. It’s good to make a gratitude list.

Here is my gratitude list for this month-

  1. Festivals- October is a month of festivals and festivities. The full atmosphere changes to a festive one and there is an excitement all around. Today I am thankful for family and friends to celebrate festivals with. mehndi-designs-1745052_1920
  2. Winning- I participated in a contest by Sheroes India on the topic, “#Shinelikeme” and won a diamond pendant. It was an unexpected and an awesome win. Today I am thankful for my early Diwali gift from #Sheroes. sheroes
  3. 100 Posts– This Diwali me and my blog celebrated 100 posts. With so many things going around, I realised it while writing my 101st post. Today I am thankful for 100 posts on my blog and for all the people reading and commenting on my posts. balloons-343246_1920
  4. Being featured- I was featured on one of the best blogs by my friend and an awesome blogger Menaka in her Simple Indian Moms series. I really felt like a celebrity when these people featured me on their blogs. Today, I am thankful to Menaka for featuring me for all the things I was able to do in life. sim
  5. Buddies- I mentioned few friends in my last post who were my new blogging friends. Now I am part of a new campaign called #blogbuddy and made some more new blog buddies – Chandni, Mithila, Simardeep, Ajay, Garima, Shweta, and Gauravi. Our group’s name is #Blogtrotters as we are going to travel together without moving an inch. 🙂 Today, I am thankful for all the old and new buddies. blogtrotters

Do you have a gratitude list? Try writing one and see how it can make a difference in your life. It made me happy as there are so many small and big things that we could learn to appreciate in our lives, even if just for a moment.




This post is for Day 30 of UBC and Daily Chatter