Being a mom means a lot of things change overnight. From being a carefree young girl to a responsible mom is a long and tough journey with learnings at each point.

First of all, pregnancy turns many things upside down. There are hormonal changes, mood swings, and body changes. It’s better to embrace everything as early as possible and just smile. Once the baby comes, the transformations are huge.

Motherhood teaches us to be strong, to be patient and to be calm. Suddenly, all our priorities change and our world just revolve around the tiny bundle of joy. But, as this tiny bundle of joy grows up, there are many situations when we moms just lose our calmness and patience. We just feel like taking out all our frustrations by yelling.

A lot of my friends and family used to tell me, ” You are very patient and calm with kids.” To tell you the truth, now when I have been a mom for 15 years, my ability to be a calm and patient mom has gone for a toss. I think with time, we lose our patience too.

Don’t you lose it sometimes moms?

I am sharing how I control my anger and stop myself from yelling. What worked for me might not work for others. These do not work for me also in some situations but I try. πŸ˜‰

  1. Breathe – This is the topmost point on my list as this one helps me calm down. Deep breathe whenever the situation is tough. It not only helps when you are angry but also when you get into panicky mom mode.
  2. Change the perspective – This is one more mantra which helps me immediately. Remember that they are just kids, it’s their age to do all this and it’s ok to let them be. Just see the situation differently and react accordingly. We have to be the role models for our kids. So, if we shout, scream and use inappropriate words, it’s not going to help at all.
  3. Take a break- Moms also need a break in between and it’s perfectly OK to ask for any help if required with kids and family. Going out with friends, chatting, going for shopping, spa or just some me time definitely helps. There are more chances of a mom yelling at kids when they are stressed out and overburdened with the anxiety of motherhood.
  4. Calm down– As a mom, I know most of the times it’s like an instant reaction as we lose our ability to think clearly and we feel guilty later. Now I always try to think before reacting. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s better for everybody.
  5. Talk to kids– It is always better to talk to kids later and ask them questions like, β€œDo you think it’s ok to hit your younger brother/sister?” or β€œDo you think it was OK to throw your food on the floor?” Whenever you are talking to kids, make sure to come down to their level and talk.

I think we moms also need to hear once in a while that we are doing great. I want to say this is to all the moms reading it – YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

Share the ways to control anger when you feel like yelling at your kids.


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