Hello Desserts Cook Book By Tina Basu

About the author-

Tina is a blogger turned cookbook author. Her love story with food and the kitchen started when she relocated from hometown Kolkata, India to Bangalore to pursue her post-graduation. She was tired of the canteen food in college and outside food and decided to set up her own kitchen. There was no looking back after that.

She creates and develops recipes from fresh ingredients which are quick, simple and easy. You can find all her recipes on her blog here.

About the Book-

I have a sweet tooth and love desserts. So, there was no reason for me not to try out the yummy recipes from Tina’s cookbook. She compiled some of her no-bake and easy dessert recipes in this wonderful E-Book. It is a yummy treat which is surely going to make you drool while reading this book.


It has 15 tarts, puddings and no-bake sweet and simple desserts. There are 4 categories in the book- No bake, baked, frozen desserts and Cakes and muffins. My daughters love cupcakes and muffins. I already tried mug cake chocolate chip muffin and strawberry filled muffin.

What I liked about the Book-

The best part of this book is that some of the recipes are not only no bake but also very easy to make. I loved the pictures in the book as they are mystifying. I believe pictures make a lot of difference in any book especially in a cookbook.

There are easy to follow instructions with each recipe too. The preparation time and cooking time at the end of each recipe are really helpful when you are going to actually try a recipe. This book makes sure that sweet and delicious recipes come out of your kitchen and that also without much effort.

Something to add-

The only thing I missed was our authentic Indian desserts. I would love to see some of our favourite Indian desserts in this book.

Although I loved all the recipes in this book, looking forward to an Indian dessert book by Tina. Also, some nutritional content with each recipe would have been great.

A Round Up-

The book is a refreshing change from other cookbooks as it gives a different experience to a reader. This colorful book is made up of the jaw-dropping pictures, easy and yummy desserts which you can’t resist trying once you read it.

I know where to look for dessert options when I have guests at home next time. If you don’t have baking stuff at home, I am sure you are surely going to run to a store and get them after reading Tina’s book. So, what are you thinking? Download here for free to experience it for yourself.