When you travel with children, you are giving them something that can never be taken away – EXPERIENCE, EXPOSURE AND A WAY OF LIFE. Pamela Chandler

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

We love travelling and never leave any chance to plan short trips whenever we can. Our kids enjoy our short trips too. While travelling with them we make sure to plan it properly to avoid any last minute hassles.

Today I am sharing a few points from our experience as a travelling mom. These are about how to choose the right car for a road trip with kids –

  1. Safety first – Whenever you are planning a long road trip with the family, the very first thing you should look for are the safety features. Make sure there are airbags, lights, back camera, the wheels are all in working condition, traction control, antilock brakes, and electronic stability control etc.
  2. Family size – You have to choose the type of car on the basis of the number of family members. If your pets travel with you, make sure to count them in while selecting a car. Travelling with younger kids means extra space for a car seat. If there are older kids, make sure there is enough space for them not to feel squeezed during a long road trip. 
  3. Good boot space – Traveling with family and kids means carrying a lot of stuff along. Make sure the car you are choosing has a lot of good boot space to fit in all the luggage. You can also opt for a car with roof rack if you frequently go for camping trips or trekking etc. As parents, we tend to carry things which can make our lives easier while travelling with kids. So, keeping this in mind, little extra space is always helpful.
  4. Good navigation system – Getting lost or out of track is never a good idea while travelling with kids and family. Make sure you install a good navigation system if it’s not already there in the car. A car with a satellite navigation system is always helpful as it keeps you informed about a lot of things including travel time, nearest restaurants, petrol pumps etc. 
  5. Pocket-friendly – Of course, this is the top point on the list as you have to look at the budget first. Look for a pocket-friendly, kid-friendly, safe and spacious car for your family. You can look at cars.com for all your needs as they have everything for what you are looking for while choosing a car.

Choose a Right car for family trip