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We are a foodie family who loves to travel. Travelling with small kids is not easy but we have travelled a lot when our kids were small. Most of our best trips are the unplanned ones and we believe too much planning is not good. Just go with the flow and leave somethings unplanned.

Travelling is pure joy and when you travel with your family and friends, this joy increases manifolds. As parents, we get worried when there is a travel with kids but believe me, it’s important for kids to travel for many reasons. I am sharing a few from my experience with you all.

  1. Learning experience– There are many things which cannot be learnt in school or through books. Sometimes our experiences teach us many things. Travelling opens up doors to wisdom and knowledge. Kids can learn a lot by exploring new places about different cultures and new places.
  2. Family time- Travelling together as a family makes all the difference. Nowadays, everyone is so busy in their lives that you hardly get time to spend with our family. Travelling together is the perfect opportunity to connect with your kids. It is the best time to bond as a family.
  3. Break time – These days kids are also busy and stressed out with everything going around. There is school work, home works, extracurricular activities and many other things which put a lot of pressure on kids. Travelling is the perfect way to not only give them a break but also to rejuvenate.

    Travel with kids

  4. Make memories– Family travel time is the perfect time to make memories. Do not forget to take your cameras and click a lot of family pictures. Making memories is important as you and kids can look back and laugh about them. My elder one still remembers many small things from our trips. We also cannot forget all the small blunders we made when they were small.
  5. Smarter kids– If you go on a hiking trip, kids can learn how to see a map. If you go camping, kids can learn to be brave in the forest and also how to handle different emergency situations. Travelling can make them good decision makers, responsible and also brave.

First time when we travelled with our elder one, she was just 4 months old. By the time she was 2 years old, she already travelled to 6 places with us. So, there is no right or wrong age to travel with kids. The trick is to not panic when anything goes wrong.Travelling with kids means to be ready for anything at any time. 🙂

Do you have any travelling stories with your kids? Waiting to hear from you.

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