Social skills are different skills or ways in which you interact with others. It’s important to have good social skills to be confident and happy. A person with good social skills is easy to get along with. Good Social skills in children can help them to be much more confident in day to day interaction with others.

Do you ever wonder how our child will grow up into? What Kind of child/adult will he/she be? Will he be a shy or self-confident, shy or a gregarious child? Well, this will depend on how we are brought up when they are still little children, their social and emotional development to be more precise.

Social development denotes the development of skills or abilities to effectively interact and communicate, govern the feelings and actions, shape relationships with others etc. These social skills in children permit them to encompass his/her feelings to his / her parent.

Here are a few examples of social skills that children should have –

· Cooperation – You must teach your child to cooperate and share. This is especially seen in the park. For e.g. – taking turns for a swing/slide

· Being a friend – Children learn about friends and friendships as they grow.

· Sharing – We always teach our children to share – like candies, belongings, and ideas with others.

· Waiting for your turn to come – Your child should be patient enough for his turn to come. Everyone cannot talk at once and everyone has the right to be heard.

· Helping others – Little children can be wonderful helpers and they can help around the house or with small chores when you go out. It makes them feel confident and builds trust with parents. They follow if they see you doing it.

· Following directions – It is significant that kids learn this right from the beginning. It is easier to mold little children that try to rectify a wrong adult. Learning to follow directions or rules helps keep kids safe.

· Getting their job done – It is important that kids also learn that they have certain responsibilities, and these need to be done and completed by them. They should ensure that they complete their work and should also not interrupt anyone else.

· Accepting that we are all different – Every child is unique in his or her way. If we believe something, that does not mean – if another child, says something else, they become wrong.

· Praising other children – This is an important skill that kids learn. Kids should learn how to say good things such as praise others. Always remember to praise your kids for every small thing they do or achieve. It boosts their confidence and makes them feel good about themselves. Remember, they learn it from you.

· Not to bully others – This is common between children. Parents should be aware if their children are the victim or the bully and should follow the means to stop it as soon as possible.

· Good manners never go out of style and kids should be taught this as per their age. Saying hello, how are you and simple greetings when they meet someone. For example, I teach my girls to always greet their elders. Also, basic courtesies like thank you and please are important.

· Respecting elders. Sometimes kids do not respect their elders and shout over them. You should never allow this. If you allow something like this and never teach them what’s wrong and what’s right, they will never know a difference and continue disrespecting others.

· Never to lie, cheat – Kids should be educated about being right and how they should never lie/cheat.

How do you make sure your child is socially active and has different social skills? Do share the tips from your experience.