There are many things that show that dads are important and here I am listing some points from my personal observation of my dad and my husband.  Today dads are more hands-on and earlier it was completely different. I have heard so many people saying that “my dad was never there when I grew up”. But this scenario is changing fast.

I am sharing facts which are based on a father-daughter relationship.

Happy Father's day

  • “Dad jokes”– For all his dad jokes which make him a cool dad according to kids.
  • Playmates– For playing all kinds of games even if it’s playing with Barbie or its princess games. I believe the way dads play with their kids, this can have a really good effect on their emotional development.
  • Letting kids win– For letting the kids win the games and showing as if he really lost.
  • Saver– For saving them from mom’s scolding but later making them understand too that “why mom is right”.
  • Dancing– For dancing with the girls and showing them that it’s ok to be silly sometimes.
  • Being protective– Allowing the girls to do whatever they want to do but feeling scared inside of their well-being and safety.
  • Actions speak louder than words– Teaching a lot of things only through actions like- showing respect to mom and turning up for all important events.

Today I want to thank my dad and my daughter’s dad

I salute my dad for all he was. If today, I and my siblings are successful in life, this is due to the values of my father. He never spoke to us on this topic. Probably he was not an authority on the same, but he had the greatness to communicate by example.

I am glad that my daughters have the best dad ever too.

Happy father’s day to all the great fathers out there! You all are doing a great job!
Share with me your stories about your superheroes, your dads, would love to hear them. How are you celebrating this Father’s day?