In the spirit of the game,

I learned few things today and maybe it is not the same, 

Smiling and learning to cope up with pain. 

It taught me how to fail, get up and try harder,

And it’s not about winning but it’s about your effort.

In the spirit of the game,

I learned luck is a combination of opportunity and preparation,

Do not stop and just keep playing in any situation.

I grew in a month from a novice to a player,

Credit goes to many who were always there.

In the spirit of the game,

I learned a lot about a team spirit and team effort,

It’s not only one person but a collective effort.

I am sure, when I look back and think,

I will not remember the milestones but many small things.

In the spirit of the game,

I have learned outcomes matter but not that much,

It’s more important to be there and have fun.

Sports is what we make of ourselves and is a reflection of us,

It teaches, unites, and makes us strong for better or worse.


I played throwball almost after 20 years and it was a lovely experience. Credit goes to one of my friend who encouraged me to join the group last month. She’s been a part of the team since last 4 years and always used to ask me to join but I somehow felt that it wouldn’t be easy now after so many years. I was a part of school throw ball team but it’s been a long time now.

I was a part of a lovely team called ‘Phoenix’ and we were also called pink team due to our t-shirt colour. And I want to thank all of them for being awesome teammates and for the team spirit.

As a mom of two girls, I hope I can be a better source of inspiration for them. I strongly believe that a mom is an in-house role model who inspires her kids every day. While playing, I saw so many different moms at the court every day who were not only running around their kids but they were working hard to make their teams win too.

It’s all about coming out of your comfort zone and trying something new. I just did it and will be happy if I inspired some more moms to do it too.

So, this one is for all those hardworking moms who are smartly juggling many things at the same time. As sporty moms, let’s help each other in changing our lifestyle, motivate each other to stay healthy, look good and feel good.

Let’s love more and judge less! Let’s create memories with our kids! Let’s not be perfect, let’s just be moms!