As a foodie, nutritionist, and an avid reader, I am a fan of things which involves all these things. Recently I got a chance to read an EBook called Spicy trails by Shipra Trivedi and enjoyed reading it. Sharing my book review, summary and author brief with you.

Indian food spices and more- Spicy trail by Shipra Trivedi – Book review 

About the author –

Shipra is a working mother and has a great interest in reading and writing. As a new age woman, she plays multiple roles in a single day. A homemaker at home, a manager in the office and a writer of wee hours. Shipra also loves to cook. Her love for cooking made her bonding such stronger with spices that she wrote her first book on them. She believes in experimenting with food. She tries to alternate spices and herbs to make the next version of any traditional preparation. Shipra also writes about her journey as a mom at Vibhu and me.

About the book –

I love homemade fresh food and home cooking. There are many Indian delicacies which are out of this world. The one thing which separates Indian food from others are the spices we use. Our good old spices which we have been using for many generations in our country make our food aromatic and special. Shipra’s book introduces us to all these flavouring agents called spices which are found in India.

She mentioned total of 26 different Indian food spices in 26 chapters of the book and there is history, attributes and Ayurvedic benefits of all spices. She believes that there is much more to spices than just being a condiment which we use in our day to day cooking. That is what she tried to introduce to us through this book.

According to her, she observed the use of spices in her own kitchen since childhood as her mother was a great cook. Also, her father is an Ayurveda Ratna (a degree in Ayurveda study). She also has seen the influence of Indian food spices in ayurvedic medicines.  This book is a quick read for working women like her, who, after working hours, spend their time in the kitchen for preparing healthy wholesome food for the family.

What I liked about the book –

The first thing which I noticed was the ‘Dadi maa ka nuskha’ which she mentioned at the end of all her chapters for each spice. I loved the nuskhas as they can help even a layman on how to use it. Also, I liked the colourful pictures she has used for each spice. I was unaware of many of them and it is surely an informative book which helps you to take a journey back in time.

Now when we all are running towards western civilisation and forgetting our own culture and traditions, this book is a good change from that.

Something to add –

I would have loved some mention of few recipes in which these are used commonly along with the regions where they are easily found. For a foodie and a cook like me, it would have been a great help.

A roundup –

Shipra’s book takes us on an interesting and aromatic journey of Indian spices. Are you a foodie? Are you someone who loves to cook or love homemade food? Wait no more, as this book is for you. You can even download it for your mom or anyone in your family who is a fan of Indian cooking. This book is also for those who are interested in Indian history and want to know the facts about our traditional foods.

You can download Shipra’s book to know more.