As you all know we started Creative dads series last month. It’s great to see the overwhelming response we got and today we are back with one more dad who is into many different fields. Meet Narendra Goidani – A dreamer, a people lover, an unshakable optimist who sought some answers to his parenting challenges and when he did not find those he opened an organisation to help parents meets these challenges.  A doting father to three, he brings his passion through many online parenting courses.

He is a co-founder of WOW parenting – an online parenting portal and LIFE SCHOOL where he conducts inspirational training programs as a mentor.

Let’s get to know little more about this inspirational dad –

What is your background? 

Born in Rajasthan, educated (till 12th) in Kolkata, made my living in Chennai, and now living my passion in Pune. Before starting training I was a businessman. I got my taste of training with JCI. Life School and Wow Parenting are my full-time occupations.  

When did you decide to start WOW Parenting?

Wow Parenting was started in 2001 as a workshop. In 2015, we decided to take the digital route and make Wow Parenting available online in the form of videos, blog posts, Q and As etc. 

You are also a founder of Life School. Tell us something about this initiative and what exactly you do.

We believe “INSPIRED” people do much more than non-inspired people. We have seen inspired people to overcome mountain like HUGE obstacles in life, whereas non-inspired people struggling with even a bumper on the road.

With this realisation, we decided, the world needs an organisation that completely focusses on ‘Inspired’ Living. This is the base of everything that we do.

  1. Let’s Explore – A 10 session training program that is designed to make you believe in yourself ‘No matter what’. We have completed 115 batches as of date.
  2. Wow Parenting – Born out of an audacious question, “What if all the children in the world get wow parenting, what happens to this world?’ we are driven to make this world a better place through “Wow Parenting”. It’s an online portal that guides you in becoming a wow parent and having loads of fun in the process. This is our legacy to the world. 
  3. Keep Moving Movement – A 7 session training program that is conducted in schools by volunteers. We have a base of 552 volunteers, who reach out to over 200 schools, in 15 cities of India, training over 20,000 students every year on essential life transforming Life Skills. This program is completely funded by Life School and Wow Parenting. The program is free for students and schools. This is our effort to make an impact on our country. The ambition is to make this as the largest volunteer-driven movement in India.

What all struggles you faced when you started both the ventures? 

People know they should exercise yet they don’t, People know they should save yet they overspend. People know they should forgive + move on, yet they struggle. People know they should implement what they have learnt, yet they postpone. That was my initial struggle. To get people to register was never a struggle. To make them implement what they need to implement was the struggle.

 Slowly, we had enough success stories. Over time, those success stories inspire people to break their comfort zones and explore their potentials.

What is your favourite thing about everything you do and why? 

The best thing about our work is the amazing people we meet. Everybody has something to teach us. Some teach us to think big, some teach us to stay humble, some teach us to do more for the society, some teach us to have fun, and some teach us to anchor on gratitude. It’s amazing how every single one of them has something to teach us. 

Most important tip for other dad entrepreneurs.

Family first. ALWAYS. 

Empathy is the bedrock of deep relationships.

Women need respect more than anything else. Then, comes support.

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In 5 years’ time…

1) Life School will be a 100 crore company

2) We would have touched more than a million lives.

3) KMM would be in more than 100 towns in India

4) Wow Parenting will have over 10,000 success stories. 

Being a husband and a doting dad, and doing so many things at the same time. How do you strike a balance between professional and personal life? 

I first decide how much time my family needs. I plan work for the remaining time. It is as simple as that. Imbalance happens when we are driven by work and we attempt to balance family. Issues will never happen when we are driven by family and balance work time. At least, this has always worked with me. 

Naren with his family

What/who is your inspiration?

In social work – Mother Teresa

In spiritual work – Swami Vivekananda

In patriotism – The Tata Group

In understanding customers pulse – Steve Jobs

In overcoming personal adversities – Arunima Sinha


Every story we feature here teaches us a lesson and the lesson which we can learn from Naren is – Be the reason someone smiles today. 

He is making a difference in others lives by mentoring and coaching them. His wonderful initiatives are helping many people and creating an impact in the society. I believe its easier said than done. Many people think about it but how many actually do it?

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