I have a dream to travel around the world. My dream travel itinerary includes a lot of places as my bucket list is long. Why? Let me share my reasons for creating my travel itinerary.

My father loved travelling and he would take us to different places in India. He saw almost all the places in India but always used to talk about going abroad. He would talk about beautiful places around the world and also explain to us the history, culture, and speciality of that particular place. I actually learnt about many places through him and as a child used to dream about visiting all those places.

Today he is no more with us but his dreams are still with me. The way he used to describe a place and his love for travelling and his excitement while travelling takes me down the memory lane whenever I travel with my kids. He wanted to take his family to all the places of his dreams. Now my dream is to take my girls to all those places where their grandpa wanted to travel.

His dream was to go on a world tour. Starting from India to different places in Asia, Europe, USA and back to India. Let me share my dream travel itinerary. #TheBlindList.

We love travelling and most of our trips have been unplanned as my husband and I love the thrill of an unplanned trip. Now that our girls are grown up, we want it to be a blind date with the world for them. 


My dream travel itinerary includes all those places which he mentioned when I was small.

Blind date with Asia

We would first visit the beautiful places in Asia. Staring from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to show the Petronas Twin towers to my girls, next will be Ha Long Bay in Vietnam as it is UNESCO world heritage site with 3000 islands and floating villages. I am sure my girls would love to stay in these villages. After that it will be the great wall of China, Bali in Indonesia and in the end for some fun and fashion shopping, our last destination in Asia will be Hongkong. We will shop till we drop!

Asia – Europe

Europe is full of cities which everyone must visit. I would like to take my girls to London and get a picture clicked in front of the London Eye. After that, we will go to Paris and click a picture in front of the Eiffel tower. A visit to Disneyland in France will be there for sure for some fun.

Berlin in Germany, Copenhagen in Denmark, Brussels in Belgium and Venice in Italy are few places where we would go and explore the history, culture and yummy food of all the places.

Europe – USA

Last but not least, there is a special reason to visit the USA. I would like to take both my daughters to the USA as both of them were born there. It’s been 12 years since we came back from the USA and settled down in India. My dream is to show them their places of birth. The first destination of our dream journey is in Milwaukee in Wisconsin. It is very close to our heart as we have spent the first few years of our married life here and also, our elder one was born in this beautiful city. Next stop would be Chicago, Illinois where our younger one was born.

My dream travel itinerary

It will be a holiday down the memory lane as we will be visiting all the places where we went when kids were small. Water fun at Niagara falls, watch a dolphin show at sea world in San Diego and relive fun moments at Disney World in Florida and Universal Studios in LA. It will be a blind date with the world for daughters as they will get to experience a whole new world.

I always believe that travelling makes you rich as you gain so much when you travel. The experiences, feelings, and happiness cannot be compared to anything in this world. We love travelling and most of our trips have been unplanned as my husband and I love the thrill of an unplanned trip.

My travelling dream starts as a daughter who wants to fulfil his father’s travelling dreams and ends as a mother who wants to see the world through her daughter’s eyes. My travel inspirations are my father and my daughters. I wish to fulfil my travelling dreams with my family and who says dreams don’t come true? They do come true if you believe in them. #SayYesToTheWorld