We are a family of travellers and we call ourselves – The wanderlust family. I have got this love of travelling from my parents and now happily passed on this love of travelling to my daughters. They both love travelling and exploring new places with us.

In my many previous travel posts, I have mentioned that my elder one started travelling with us when she was just 6 months old. She is going to be 16 soon and her travel book is full of many wonderful memories from all our trips.

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In this post, I am going to share about our latest trip to Singapore –the lion city. We loved the country and all the places we saw on our 5-day trip. Most of the attractions to see are a treat for kids. I am going to share our experiences of this wonderful holiday in two posts as one is not enough to explain the beauty of this place.

Travelling with children changes the whole perspective of the trip. When you see everything through their eyes, it’s a completely different experience. We travelled to Singapore with our teen and tween who enjoyed this trip due to different reasons. This trip was special for many reasons as we realised that when kids grow up, the whole planning of a trip takes a different role.

Our teen helped us planned a lot of things like places to see and it was a pleasure to watch her discussing budget planning with her dad. The tween was so excited that she did all her packing by herself.

Singapore at a glance –

Singapore is an island country in South East Asia. It is also called Singapura- the Malay name for the lion city. Its official languages are Malay, Mandarin, English, and Tamil. It is also called the garden city because of trees along the roads and all the greenery all over the place. Its climate is tropical with no distinctive seasons, high humidity and a lot of rainfall.

We actually found people from different cultures and countries there. It was nice to see the tourists from all around the world at Singapore.

Where we stayed –

Finding a hotel was a little bit tough as we started our planning little late and there was a huge rush due to summer vacations. Also, our travel days coincided with a long weekend due to Labour Day. Initially, we were looking for a budget accommodation at a rented apartment as it’s always better with kids. If you are travelling for more than a week with kids, you can look at the option of renting an apartment.

But as we didn’t get any good one and our stay was less than a week, we looked for good hotels with good location. Finally, we zeroed in at a hotel and it was a good decision in many ways.

We stayed at a hotel called – the Village Hotel Bugis at Bugis street. The location of our hotel was absolutely perfect. It is at a great location with many places within close proximity. You can reach any place within 20-30 minutes as train and bus service is also nearby.

The best part was that they also gave us a handy phone to use for locating anything through google maps or making calls. It is just 5-minute walk from Bugis MRT station and at a walking distance from Bugis street which is popular for its street shopping options.

The food is great, rooms are well maintained and the service is superb too. We were pleasantly surprised to find Indian food corner at the breakfast buffet. So, it’s good for people travelling with small kids who are little finicky about food and prefer their local food.

The hotel rooms were clean and spacious. The rooms had a very good view from all the sides. It is near to a place called Little India where you get all kinds of Indian food including vegetarian dishes. So, if you are a vegetarian, it is a good option to stay.

Beautiful view from the pool side of the hotel

In my next post, I am going to share the information about transport and how we travelled. Also, a lot of information for places to see in Singapore and food. So, stay tuned.