Time to talk about ‘Menstruation’ with your daughter?  How to teach them? It seems scary? Are you confused?

Talking about menstruation to your daughter is a great way for her to feel comfortable with the changes that are going in her body. Try making it as casual as you can as it’s also a great way to bond and show her you’re there for her through everything. If its time to talk to your daughters about periods, do not panic but just follow these do’s and dont’s.

Here are some dont’s to follow while explaining it to them-

Don’t make it an undercover operation,

And just give a simple explanation.

Don’t show them that it’s a taboo,

And something to be shy of.

Don’t stop them to talk about it,

And hide it under covers.

Don’t stop them from playing,

And going out with friends.

Don’t make a big deal about it,

And just give her a hug to show you are there for her.

Here are some Do’s to follow while explaining it to them-

Do explain it to them beforehand,

And don’t wait until the last minute.

Do go for a mom-daughter date’

And make her feel special.

Do teach her how to take care of herself,

And never hesitate to ask for any help.

Do make it as positive as possible,

And show support to your daughters.

Do teach them anatomy of it,

And help her understand everything clearly.

We know there are many different beliefs around periods but whatever beliefs you have, just help your daughter to start this on a positive note. Do not burden them with all the taboos, beliefs, fears or concerns. Just hold her hand, help her and assure her that you will be there for her throughout this journey and later too. Talking to your daughters about periods is not an uphill task.

Just keep the confidence in yourself and you will see your daughter come out with confidence too. 

Any questions and more suggestions you have? Feel free to write to me in comments.

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