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Navratri is celebrated in different ways throughout the country. It is a time to celebrate and enjoy the festivals. There are different ways in which we celebrate the same festival. People keep fasts, celebrate with dandiya and Garba dance, worship Durga maa and some display their collection of dolls which is called ‘Golu’.

But one thing is common in all this and that is the love for the festival and the enthusiasm which we can see in people during festivals. We have diverse cultures and many different festivals which we celebrate throughout the year. I believe it’s very important to involve our kids in the celebrations too.

Talking to our kids about our Indian culture or showing them books to read is a good way but kids learn best through practical. They learn by watching everything around us.

How will they learn about our culture and traditions?

  • Our Festivals can help children learn about our culture and traditions.
  • Watching the parents and grandparents performing Pooja or celebrating a festival is important. There are some things which books cannot teach them.
  • Take them to different places where they can see folk dances or other live performances.
  • Encouraging them to wear our traditional clothes during this time can make them aware of our culture.
  • Food is another very important part of our festivals. Involve your kids in the festive cooking of sweets and special food items.

I feel that already our festivals and celebrations are shrinking and they are not as same as it was earlier. Involving kids in the celebrations the traditional way is very important to keep our traditions going. We do not want our traditions to fade away.  Already our culture is getting lost somewhere between new and modern things.

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The best way to preserve everything is to teach our future generations about it. Our country has a rich culture and the best part is the unity in diversity. We stay at a place where our kids get to see festivals from all over India and the way they are celebrated. I am glad that they are getting to witness it all as it is the best way to teach kids.

Are you involving your kids in the festivals and celebrations this Navratri?


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