Anything is possible if you have the passion“- Guy Forget (French Athlete)

This quote rightly describes my journey from a blogger to an EBook author.


“I take on the baton of Blogchatter EBook Carnival from Upasna whose EBook “A to Z of Minimalism” is also a part of the mix.

About Upasna’s EBook: – If you’re tired of the rat race and wish to quit Consumerist-Lifestyle, this Book is for you. If you struggle with your time, your relationships, your Job- It’s time to attain the freedom.

What you’ll discover in this guide:

* Right approach for you to begin this journey of Minimalism

* How to gain Freedom

* You already have enough time to pursue your passions

* Time you spend organizing and re-arranging things is a waste of time

* New definition of Luxury

* Minimalism is for everyone including Kids

Read it as a practical guide to achieve Freedom.

My first Ebook journey

I learnt a lot in last one year after starting my own blog. One thing which I wanted to try was #AtoZchallenge but was skeptical of writing and posting every day.  Finally, I participated in April this year and although it was not easy, I am glad I completed the challenge.

This challenge led to something which I never thought of and it was like a dream come true for me. I recently published my first E-book with the help of Blogchatter. This E-book is a compilation of some of the posts from the April challenge.

How my life changed? 

My life has changed as I am not only a blogger but an author now. It feels good to write Author/blogger with my name. I am a mom, a dietician, a choreographer, an entrepreneur and an author now too. 🙂

Once again, my favourite quote- “Make your passion your profession and you will never regret” is right. I proudly presented my EBook to my family and friends and felt great about it. I never thought about being an author but now I have plans to publish more. 🙂

My E-book is about parenting tips and tricks where I shared my experiences as a mom.


Parenting is fun- And my E-book shows you how. Do not push your kids too much and let them be. Always encourage them to be and strong. Be a happy parent and let your kids be happy too. These and much more such tips and tricks from an experienced mom.

It is a parent’s guide to raising happy, insightful, creative and generous kids. I believe parenting is easy, only if we remember to stay calm and enjoy parenthood. It is an insight from a learning and evolving mom.

Are you tired of finding new ways to make kids understand? Are you looking for answers to your parenting questions? Download my E-book here to know all the answers.

I will be reviewing few EBooks too, stay tuned to read my review on two of my favourite Ebooks – Dr. Amritas book about Picky eaters and Mayuri’s book about favorite foods. 

“I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter EBook Carnival to Gayatri whose EBook “Off Beats” also a part of the mix.

About Gyatri’s EBook: This book offers insights into how author through her own life drew a learning to travel and explore more. Her experiences helped us elevate her own living style. She hopes this book will inspire you to travel, as an individual as well as a couple, family since there is rarely a better way to learn more about the world and the wonderful creations of nature including the most intriguing ones – people.