A long weekend means taking a break from the mundane. While it’s not possible everytime to spend on some fancy resorts and places, you can have a fun-filled weekend with a decently priced resort every once in a while! Usually, when I travel I look for the reviews online and check with some friends if they have been to the place and their experience.

For us as a family, we prefer places that have activities to do. Being cooped up in front of a TV in a luxurious setting is not our idea of fun.  Here’s my list of some great places where all of you as a family can have some fun in Pune.


  1. Ekaant Resort

This resort is in Lavasa city. It has a beautiful location, where it is perched on a hilltop, overlooking the backwaters of Dasve. Ekaant means ‘quiet’ or ‘me-time’ and it certainly is true to its name. Apart from secluded rooms that offer privacy, the outdoors has a lot to offer too. As it is part of Lavasa, you can enjoy Nature Walks, Go to Waterfront walkways for some shopping and snack, enjoy water sports and even have some adventure games if you are up for it!


  1. Ravine Hotel – Though the name says it’s a hotel, it has a more resort feel to it! It has a beautiful location that is overlooking the valley and is popular with celebs and commoners alike flocking Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. They have facilities like swimming pool, gym, spa and salon, tennis courts, horse riding, paragliding etc. You can book the hotel rooms or cottages and campsites. This was when we had been there in last winter! Isn’t it breathtaking? 


  1. Blue Valley Resort – This is a resort in Panchgani, near Pune. This is a valley facing resort and the perfect times to visit it would be winters and monsoons. Panchgani is famous for its boarding schools and hence it is a bit tough to get reservations, without prior planning. The resort has a swimming pool, good dining area, and some indoor play area. Apart from that, it is easily accessible from the main square in Panchgani and hence exploring Panchgani is easy if you stay here. Clear skies are the perfect time to do some star-gazing here!


  1. Rutuparna Agro Farm

This is an agro-tourism resort. You can get a taste of village life here. It is on the banks of Mulshi river in Wai and surrounded by lush green fields. They even have bullock cart rides there! You can have some water sports in the backwaters which are not too far from Rutuparna, visit the Wai Ganapati Temple, known for its huge Ganesha idol and laze away on a bullock cart and tractor rides. Clear skies mean great time for some sky gazing! Who knows, you might even spot a meteor!


  1. Jadhavgadh Fort Resort

Jadhavgadh is around 22 km from Pune. This was a fort of one of Shivaji’s generals which were later converted into a heritage resort. Apart from getting a taste of royalty, they have some weekend fun called ‘Weekend Jatra’ which again offers a taste of village life. They even house a museum, which is very good.

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This article is written by our mommy voice of Pune. 


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