I love my kitchen as it is a place for fun and experimenting for me. I love to cook for family and friends. Sometimes with close friends, it’s fun to create different dishes. It is rightly called, “Heart of the home.” I like few things to be always there in my kitchen and it is incomplete without those accessories or gadgets. I am sharing with you all a list of kitchen accessories for moms that are necessary and can make life easier.

It’s all about comfort and there should be things which can make our life comfortable. Here is a list of must-have kitchen accessories for moms.

  1. Mixer Grinder- This one is my favorite as this not only makes my work easier but saves a lot of time. Also, it can be used to make different things like shakes, juices, chutneys, chopping of vegetables, etc.
  2. Spice box– Spices are something which we all have and it’s hard to imagine our dishes without them. A good, sturdy, and durable spice box and spice rack are very important.
  3. Storage containers- It’s good to have airtight containers at home to store all the ingredients and kitchen stuff. These days a huge range of containers are available to choose from and one should always go for good quality. I came across Vaya food containers and loved them.  kitchen accessories for moms
  4. Set of good knives– Whoever cooks, knows the value of a good knife. I have a favorite knife in my kitchen and I cannot use any other knife to cut and peel my vegetables. One most important tip is to check the grip while buying knives.
  5. Mixing bowls– I feel it’s good to have some nice mixing bowls in the kitchen. One should have different sizes of bowls as it makes cooking easier.
  6. Non-stick wok– I love my non-stick woks and pans. I cook all my dishes in these pans. Big woks are needed for Indian cooking and it’s important to have at least 2 good ones in the kitchen.
  7. Chopper- This is a new addition to my kitchen. It is really helpful as it saves chopping time. I also use it for chopping fruits for desserts too. This can be really useful for moms who have to sometimes invent fast recipes for kids.
  8. Strainer– Strainers are available in different shapes and sizes. These are a must for straining while cooking many dishes like pasta, rice, or for washing small kitchen ingredients.
  9. Cutlery– Serving spoons, small spoons, cooking spoons (skimmer, frying spoons, ladles, etc.) are a must to have in all the kitchens.
  10. Cooker- There are different types of cookers- Normal steam cooker, rice cooker, electric cooker etc. I cannot imagine my cooking without a cooker. It not only saves time but also makes yummy and healthy food. Steamed food is always better than fried. Cooker helps us in steam cooking. I prefer electric cookers as they are easy to operate and cooks faster.

This is my list of kitchen accessories for moms. What about you? Do share your list with me in the comments below.