N for Nutrition

I completed my post-graduation in Foods and Nutrition and after that did an internship from the Bangalore Mallya Hospital.  I had big plans to make a career for myself as a Dietitian. Plans changed a bit when I came to Bangalore after marriage. We went to the US in November 2001 and from that day forth have been on a wonderful adventure together. I did a short course on food management in the US and wanted to go for a teaching job in college. So did my MPhil in Dietetics after coming back from the US.

Bangalore was just the beginning and now 16 years later, I am a freelance Dietitian, an entrepreneur, and a MOTHER. A title that I cherish more than the title of a Dietitian after my name.

I will be sharing some tips as a Dietician mom with you all today.

I met an old friend a few days back after many years. She told me that she allows junk food in her house and I was surprised.  According to her, she grew up in a family where food was very controlled. They were not allowed to eat any junk food and never allowed food between meals. So, when she went to college, she had full access to junk food and, so, she had a hard time controlling herself.

So, she allows her children to eat everything and they have full access to eating anything in the house. They can choose their own snacks between meals. She never forces them to eat anything but makes sure they don’t waste any food.

Should we allow our kids full freedom with food or not? Should we guide them or not?

These days, there are changing food habits in kids.  Is it a good idea to allow our kids anything and everything?

Due to unhealthy habits, nowadays, kids are prone to a lot of lifestyle diseases at a very young age. They are at risk for juvenile diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and bone problems.

Important Nutrition tip– A nutritious meal is a good combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  Do not worry if a child eats less in one meal. They can make up for it in the next meal. Balance is the key. Make sure they are getting these important things in a day- Fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products and cereals.


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