The recent time has taught us a lot. Living with limited resources, staying at home, and of course, managing our work from home. In fact,  the pandemic has given us a new mantra that staying distant and staying at home is the new normal and it is the key to stay safe. We have learnt all this the harder way now. But, slowly we all have to get back to normal life. Although, all of it would happen with a lot of new changes now. That is why, while the nation starts to get back to its feet after a long time-lap, we are here to discuss some key steps and precautions that will tell you how to stay safe in Unlock 2.0. What are all those measures that you can take to stay away from the contagious coronavirus?

Stay safe in unlock 2.0


How to Stay Safe after Lockdown

Staying tucked at home for this long could have been a bitter-sweet experience for a lot of you. Did you like working from home? Or was it a big challenge to your productivity? Well, as discussed above, anytime sooner or later we all would be getting back to our usual routines of hustle and bustle. There is no more implemented lockdown by the government. But, the novel virus is still out there. That means, the rules of living still stays the same. How can we do that without creating a fuss and a panic about the situation? Let’s get to that.

  1. Always Wear a Face Mask

Number one, always wear a mask while stepping out of the house. To your work, to get groceries, or for a short walk. Make it a new essential like carrying your phone or wallet. If you work at a place where social-distancing is a bit of a challenge, then consider putting a shield on. It is much more efficient. Avoid touching your face or eyes and try not to adjust your mask again and again. The correct way to put a mask on is a thing that you should know.

  1. Keep Washing Your Hands

Of course, keep washing your hands with soap and clean water every hour and also keep alcohol-based hand-sanitizer handy while you are outside. Do not forget the 20-second rule, otherwise, the viruses and bacteria won’t go.

  1. Try Not To Touch Many Surfaces

Quite a tough thing to do, but try to keep your hands to yourself as much as possible. Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily and of course, washing/ sanitizing hands is always necessary.

  1. Find a New Way to Greet

You would be meeting your colleagues and friends after days. Very naturally there will be an urge to greet them good. But, do not forget about social distancing. Try to find a new innovative way to greet each other. Maybe an elbow touch or anything that does not involve direct contact with the other person.

5. Do Not Forget to Disinfect Your Belongings

Along with wearing face shields, masks, and gloves if needed, also take notice of the belongings you are taking outside with you. There are a lot of disinfectant/ sanitizing sprays available in the market now. Keep them in reach in your house and spray generously on the things that are coming home with you. Your bag, phone, keys, and any packaged groceries. You can also use these sprays to disinfect your car steering-wheel, door-knobs, and on your desk at the office.

stay safe in unlock 2.0


These were a few precautionary measures that you can do while going out after the unlock 2, as named by the government. Apart from all these, try to stay indoors if not very necessary to go out. Wash and cook your food very thoroughly and if you are ordering food from the outside then make sure about the cleaning and preventive measures taken by the place that you are ordering your food from. We all are in this together and very soon we will beat the monster of COVID-19. Till then, stay safe, stay alert, and follow these safety measures to stay safe in unlock 2.0.

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