“Cooking is like a painting. Just as there are so many colors and there are so many flavors- its how you combine them that sets you apart as a culinary artist.”

After marriage, making her husband’s favourite dishes and baking her daughter’s dearest cartoons’ cakes enabled her to impart love to them in a tangible form. Soon, with the support of her family, she changed her passion into a profession. Working from home as a woman entrepreneur, baking, and theme-based catering form a central part of her profession today.

Introducing to you all, our next creative mom – Megha who is a cake artist, baker and a culinary artist too. Let’s get to know about her journey –

Megha with her family


What is your inspiration behind all that you do?

As a child, watching different cooking shows on the television always made me wonder how a person can make such delicious looking items with just a few small ingredients. The Australian and Indian MasterChef is what inspired me most to try something apart from the daily household cooking. My musings got me flipping through various cookbooks. Before I knew it I was picking up different ingredients and experimenting with them to create new dishes.

How did you start your business?

In the beginning, I used to read recipes to make themed cakes for my daughter at her every birthday followed by her favorite snacks. The big smile on her face was enough for me to understand that I have been successful. Slowly, I started cooking food at my home parties and get-togethers. One day my friend called me up and asked me to make a princess cake for her daughter on order basis. With this one order, the word spread and it shaped into a small business.

Did you go to any baking school for learning?

 No, I never went to any baking school. Cookbooks, online websites and cooking shows, especially MasterChef, all play a collective role in my cooking education.

What are the challenges you faced? 

The biggest challenge that I faced initially is competition. People have a lot of hesitation when it comes to ordering food or cakes from any place which they haven’t tried before, even if it is a known person. So, as I received my first successful order, it was a word of mouth that helped me ultimately to turn my passion into my profession.

What is your hot selling product?

My main hot selling product is themed-cakes be it for your birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion.

What is your vision as a culinary artist? Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

My vision for the next 5 years is mainly to expand my current line and business by catering to a larger customer base. And if it all goes well, maybe start my own bakery somewhere down the line.


Most important tip for other mompreneurs –

The most important tip for new entrepreneurs is to have self-confidence and belief. A million if’s and but’s, and doubts clog the mind initially when one starts something on their own, but dealing them with confidence and having the belief that one can do it, is the key to success.

One more time we learn a lesson that self-learning is helpful too. Megha’s journey shows us that if you are passionate about something, you will get a way to learn and also be successful in life. Its all about following your dreams and chasing them with determination.

You can see the culinary artist work on her Fb page here

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