Ever since the beginning of lockdown, I have had this constant quest to find the right mask for my family and me. Choosing the right mask in India was a nightmare, and the continuous bombardment of information did little to ease my worries. My ultimate goal was to keep my family safe, and so I went on a hunt for the best mask. So here I am, sharing a few points to choose the right mask for your family through my personal experience in this post.

Right mask for your family

 How to wear a mask?

Since face masks are vital in keeping yourself, your loved ones, and others safe, you need to know how to wear one properly. If you are using disposable ones, make sure you dispose of them after using them once. Also, make sure you clean your hands with soap and water before wearing a mask to prevent germs from getting on to the mask. (1)

 How to choose the right mask for your family

After trying out several masks, one point kept running in my mind: a comfortable mask goes a long way. If the mask isn’t comfortable, you might end up not using it. Additionally, preferences, personal tastes, and environment play a huge role in choosing the best mask.

Not everyone has access to an N-95 mask, the best in the industry. Given the shortage of masks, choosing the right mask in India was next to impossible. It was vital for me to find a mask that fulfilled all three criteria: cost, availability, and effectiveness.

Fortunately, there are different types of masks depending upon your preferences. Some of them have ear loops; others have bands and ties. My husband and I personally favour masks with ties because they are effortless and safe to remove. That’s why we trust Welspun Health which ensures your mask is hygienically made, untouched by bare hands. Welspun Health masks are of four types –

WN-95 – It has high Particle Filtration Capability – provides protection from micro-particles (solid particles & solid aerosols) and 95% Particle Filtration Efficiency

3 Ply Disposable Mask which has 3ply containing melt-blown filter and 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

They have 2 types of Reusable Fabric Masks – The Anti-Bacterial Face Mask and the Liquid Resistant Face Masks

Other than these, as a mom, I was relieved to know that they have good and comfortable kids masks too.

How to choose a mask for your kids

For kids, it’s different. Trust me when I say you need to find masks that your kids are going to want to use on their faces. Many masks can cause itchiness and discomfort which is a huge put off for the kids. This is where the mask from Welspun Health comes in. I am glad these masks not only give the best protection but are also comfortable to wear. Now my kids wear them without any complaints.

New evidence suggests that a proper mask can offer a certain degree of protection for the wearer too, so it is essential that your kids wear masks while going out. In many places, masks will be made mandatory once schools reopen, and familiarizing your kids with proper mask etiquette is crucial.

To keep your children safe and to make sure they wear masks all the time, be a role model, and wear a mask yourself. You can make this lockdown a more comfortable and enjoyable time for your family by making your kids pick the colour and fabric.

I personally follow this tactic: I offer them rewards every time they successfully wear their masks when going out. Believe me when I say that it worked every single time!

I am glad I found perfect masks for my family. Welspun Health masks protect you even before you wear them. I hope my personal experience helps you to find the right mask for your family too. Stay home, stay safe. If you do venture out, don’t forget to wear a mask – one that is #MadeToProtect!

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