Parenting is not easy and it’s actually like a roller coaster ride which has lots of ups and downs. All these ups and downs are a part of the journey of parenthood. It becomes easier if both partners are in it together. There is no denying that moms and dads have different parenting styles and a different approach altogether.

There are a lot of examples where my husband do not agree when it comes to making decisions for our daughters. But that doesn’t mean we fight over it, we understand each other’s point of views and then take a decision.


  1. Dads are fun (According to my girls) – Both my daughters feel daddy dear is more fun and I am the strict one. I have to agree as I am a disciplinarian when it comes to parenting and he is more lenient one. He plays with them and allows them to do whatever they want to unless it’s something which is not really OK to him. Parenting
  2. Planning- I am more of a planner and someone who likes to plan things beforehand. He is completely opposite and until and unless it’s urgent, he likes to take things lightly. I am the panicky one and he is the cool one who doesn’t believe in too much future planning. Parenting
  3. Communication- I feel we moms communicate differently with kids than dads. I normally ask a lot of questions to both my girls as I want to know everything about their school and friends etc. On the other hand, my husband is ok if they talk to him about their school or other stuff but he won’t interrogate anything. I am the detective one who asks too many questions. 🙂 Parenting

Although the parenting styles are different, the best part is we are a team and it’s important to support each other in a team. There can be differences but in the end, we do what’s best for our daughters.

Do you also think mom and dad are different when it comes to Parenting? Share your thoughts with us.


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