First of all wishing a very happy new year to all my readers and friends as this is my first post of 2017. We all make so many new resolutions with New Year and also stick to them for some time. For first few months we all surely try to stick to it. If I think of “Budgeting” as a mom and as a wife, there are many things which come to my mind. First of all, I try to make a list of all the important things which are priority for us as a family. This is the list of things to keep in mind while budget planning as a mom-

  • Food (groceries, vegetables and fruits)
  • School fees
  • Rent
  • Office rent (As we have opened our own office few days back)
  • Extras like- Electricity bill, cable bill, phone and broadband bills, maids salary, car wash payment, kids extracurricular classes fees etc.

Now there are few of these things like kids school fees which we know is fixed and has to be paid starting of every quarter. So, I try to see how much we are spending on other things like groceries and maids salary etc. and adjust it according to the monthly expenditure in that particular month.

This was my normal budgeting ideas but in New Year we are planning some new strategies.

But, it’s easier said than done as we can never judge the future or anything unforeseen. The best way is to just keep a track of all earnings and expenditures. We all learn slowly with practice and making a budget for a family is also something which needs practice.

These were my ideas for budget planning as a mom. Do you plan your New year budget? Share some tips with us.

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