‘Another year coming to an end, another year to say goodbye and another year of wonderful memories is getting over.’Β 

Last few days have been so busy that I almost forgot about writing my gratitude post. Today finally when I sat down to write, I realised it’s just 2 days before a new year and a new month. I started writing gratitude posts two months back and feel good every time I write oneΒ at the end of each month. Its last month of the year and I feel inspired to see world through eyes of gratitude.

Sometimes even small things can bring about gratitude in our life. This year one thing which changed my life for good is blogging. I started my own website in June this year and there’s been no looking back after that. I am loving everything about it and thankful to each and everyone who are walking with me in this journey of self exploration.

If I have to describe this year in one world, it would be “Gratitude’. I feel thankful when I think of everything new and old in the year gone by. I loved, laughed, made some great friends, teared up, fell down but got up with the help of my family, learnt a lot and evolved as a writer and as a blogger.

In other words, this was a year of learnings and development. So, I am thankful for all these things-

  • I am thankful for all the love from family and friends. And thankful for all those friends who are like my family now.
  • I am thankful to God for giving me courage to face my fears and holding my hand when I wanted to give up. There were many such moments when it was easier to just let go of things but there was something which kept me going. So, today I am thankful for all such moments which made me strong.
  • I am thankful for all those people who came along with me on my journey of blogging and made me a new person. I am not listing each and everyone’s names here as it’s a long list. But today I am thankful for all my blog buddies.
  • Last but not least, I am thankful for a kind word, an unexpected message, a supporting hand, a sweet smile, and little things like dance and music which keep me sane other than writing.

Life moves on fast and end of the year is the best time to count our blessings and say “THANK YOU.”

I am planning to take this word with me when I enter 2017. What are you thankful for today and which is your favourite word of the year gone by?

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