Are you married? Are you a mom? It should not stop you from doing something which you really want to do. One thing which I always tell other moms – It’s never too late. Go out and achieve your dreams. Go and sparkle. It’s all about starting out and once you take the first step, there is no looking back.

I am writing this today for all married women and moms who like to be a part of beauty pageants but are too hesitant due to different reasons. Your reason to join a beauty pageant can be any, it can be to make a career in modelling, or simply to check it off your bucket list. Whatever may be your reason, you should know that you don’t need any validation. You should join it to make memories, learn from others and develop new skills that are helpful for you. I believe that just participation itself makes you a winner as it’s not as easy when you are married. You have many added responsibilities after marriage and more so if you are a mom too.

A participation in any such event can help you evolve. Here are few reasons why you should participate in a beauty pageant –

  • It can boost your self-confidence.
  • It can help you get new opportunities.
  • And, It can help you to evolve and discover your strengths.

You may or may not win. You may get a lot of appreciation and touch everyone’s hearts with your performance and yet not take home the crown. The answer to what next? It’s important to remember that you are participating to learn and experience something new. It is an investment in yourself.

Recently I came to know about one such beauty pageant which is the most credible pageant for married women in India. They are associated with the oldest and most prestigious beauty pageant – Mrs. World. Their aim is to give a platform to married ladies to showcase their beauty, wisdom, and intelligence.

The main person behind this prestigious pageant is Mrs. Mohini Sharma Mane who is Mrs. India World 2016 and Mrs. World 2016 finalist. She will be guiding all the ladies throughout the journey.

What are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss this life-changing opportunity. Register today to claim your spot and be next Mrs.India. You can also share it with your family and friends or register them through the link given below –

Here is the link to register and know more about the pageant. 

You can also follow them on their website here to know more –