A mom is always busy, even in her thoughts. Most of the time it’s about her kids and family as she is surrounded by them 24×7. But like everyone else, she also deserves a break. A mom needs some time for herself every day to recharge and rejuvenate.

Take out some time for much needed ‘Me – time’ every day as you deserve it. As I always say, a happy mom means a happy family and happy kids. Here is a list of top 20 things which you can do to recharge –

Go to movies – You can plan a movie date with your friends or hubby. Watching a good movie always helps. It recharges the batteries and gives you much-needed break. You also need a break from kids movies. If not possible to go to a theatre, just watch it at home when kids sleep. Going to a theatre is all about the experience which helps you to recharge.

Write – Blogging and writing are one of the top ones on my list of stress busters. Whenever in doubt, write! It’s ok if you are not a blogger, just take a pen and diary and write whatever comes to your mind. Sharing thoughts with your diary helps.

Join a hobby class – Sometimes doing something new or a new hobby can help you stay relaxed and calm. Join a hobby class like dancing, singing, crafts, musical instruments, baking etc. Doing these activities even 30-40 minutes are surely going to recharge you.

Talk to your best friend – Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling like sharing your frustration with someone? Call a friend. Just pick up the phone and have a long chat with your besties. It really helps and recharges your half dying batteries.

Meet your friends for a coffee meeting – A to do list can always wait and no one is ever able to finish everything on the list without getting stressed out. Just leave few things on the list and add a coffee or tea meet with your girlfriends.

Read – When I was a new mom, all I wanted to do was read a book but never got time. SO, I know how difficult it is. You crave to read your favourite book but are not able to do it. Make it your priority and you are surely going to get some time to read.

Take a nap – It’s important to catch up on your sleep. Most of the times, moms are tired as they are sleep deprived. So, if you are a new mom, try to sleep when your baby sleeps and otherwise just try to catch few winks in the afternoon.

Take a long bubble bath – Had a long day at work? Tired of running around the kids whole day? Try a bubble bath. A bubble bath has many benefits, it helps you to relax, it eases joints and muscle pains, and keeps your skin hydrated. Just add some drops of relaxing essential oils in water before taking bath and relax.

Go for a walk and get some fresh air– Going out of the house and getting some fresh air is all you need sometimes. I like walking with my list of favourite songs on the loop. A brisk walk of 25-30 minutes has a calming effect.

Listen to your favourite songs – I am sure you have a list of your favourite songs. I love music and whenever I feel little low, I plug in my mp3 player and listen to my favourite songs. It cheers me up and always bring a smile on my face.

Shopping – This one is my favourite. Buy yourself a pretty dress or a funky piece of jewellery which you always wanted to buy. Pamper yourself instead of your kids for a change. A shopping trip in between with friends is like a therapy. Shop for yourself for a change.

Just chill and meditate – Being a mom means overtired, overwhelmed by things around you. So, before everything gets to you, just relax and take a deep breath.

Divide the chores – If you have already not divided the chores with your husband, it’s high time you do it. Let him clean the kitchen when you are done with cooking. Let him read a bedtime story to kids or maybe he can be in charge of all the weekend activities. Delegate the work with kids too. Let them help you around the house too.

Unplug – These days there are so many electronic gadgets that they make you crazy. It can be really overwhelming sometimes. Switch off your mobile, TV, internet, close the laptops and just enjoy the silence. Silence can be a blessing when you have kids. 🙂

Sit in the sun – This is a proven one and it comes from my experience. I enjoy sitting in the sun and believe me, it is such a stress buster. Staying in an apartment in high rise buildings means no sun throughout the day. It can be really depressing sometimes. So, just sit outside and enjoy the nature.

Enjoy a cup of tea with your favourite snack – This is from my personal experience too. I love my cup of tea and I make sure to just sit in silence with it for some time. It helps me to just catch up on my thoughts and surely helps to relax. So, just grab your mug of coffee or tea and enjoy. Sometimes tea and coffee are all you need. Cook for yourself instead of your kids for a change.

Go for a Spa – When was the last time you did something for yourself? A spa is something can help you really relax and it works wonders to give rest to those tired muscles. You deserve an afternoon just for yourself when you can leave your kids with husband or parents and get pampered.

Exercise – Physical activity like walking, going to gym, or yoga are great for getting a break from your daily routine. The best part is that these are not only good for your health but these are stress busters too. My Zumba classes are such wonderful mood boosters for me and it helps to relieve stress too.

Let it be – Last but not least, just let it be! There will always be some things and some circumstances which you can’t control. So, stop fretting over it and take a chill pill. Ignore, relax and chill.

Being a mom is like a roller coaster ride which can be really tiring. According to a recent study, a survey was 50% moms told they have anxiety and rest told they have stress and low patience. So, hopefully, all these points can help you find some serenity amidst the chaos.

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Now you share some ideas to relax and rejuvenate as a mom.


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