Online education is the new normal and it is something which is here to stay! Although it is not something which is new, but in the current situation it is the best way to learn and teach. Who would have thought that this mode of education would be the only solution at a certain time? Welcome to the world of online education during a pandemic!

The traditional way of education is still preferred by many especially in a country like India. The most common reason is the non-availability of the internet and gadgets.

What is Online education? –

Online education or distance education gives you the flexibility to study from anywhere at any time. But there is a new definition in the current scenario as although the flexibility is there to study from anywhere but not at any time. As all the educational institutions, schools and colleges are conducting classes online, there are set timings and time tables are followed. It is just like how a normal school or college day works.

Pros of online education during pandemic-

The education industry is the one industry which suffered a lot due to the pandemic. So, online education has been a boon and a saviour.

1 Flexibility – Kids can easily study from the comfort of their homes without stepping out.

2 Less pressure – There is a reduction in the syllabus due to which there is less pressure comparatively.

3 Technology – In a way, kids are learning to use different gadgets and equipment which can be helpful in later in life.

4 No loss of studies – The biggest advantage is that there is no loss of studies even in such conditions. This is the only way right now and it has helped kids to go on with their classes.

Cons of Online education during pandemic –

The current scenario of online education is great but to be honest, it’s not for everyone. There are Government school kids who are not able to attend classes who have no access to the internet or don’t have gadgets. So, it’s not for everyone especially in a country like India.

1 Technology failures – I have observed this with my daughter and at times it is not easy. The internet issues, laptop not working, app getting hanged, documents not uploading etc. Kids get impatient in such a situation and as a mom, I feel it’s not easy for us too.

2 Not for everyone – As I mentioned earlier, not everyone has a good internet connection and electronic gadgets at their disposal. So, many kids have either opted out or not able to attend classes because of this issue.

3 Can’t teach everything – There are some subjects which can’t be covered online. They need a traditional way of face to face teaching methods.

4 Distractions – Virtual education requires an environment that is free of any distractions otherwise one can lose focus. It is a challenge for many during pandemic when everyone is at home.

Verdict –

Although nothing can be compared to the traditional way of teaching and learning, you can’t deny that online education is the best in the current situation. There are challenges and difficulties but its good to see that teachers are giving their best to make sure kids do not miss out on anything.

As parents, you can try and reduce the stress of online education by understanding the kids and by being a little more empathetic towards the teachers. It’s not easy for kids and they have been very patient. So, let’s be a little more patient and considerate too till all this is over!

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