Despite current advances and changes, our education system needs a lot of change. Little attention has been paid to the practical knowledge and actual learning. Cramming without understanding is not the right way to study. It is not the right way to be successful in the long run. A child whose concepts are clear will anyways make it to the top as the practical knowledge helps. The education system is like a rat race and its important to make education stress free for kids.

I am sharing few tips which schools/education system can implement to make education stress free for kids –

Education stress free

  1. Less homework – Although I understand it’s not easy to rule out the option of homework completely as a child needs a revision of things done at school. But schools can try not to pile up too much homework especially on the days when there are tests or extra assignments are there too. Try giving less or no homework on the days when tests are scheduled.
  2. Outdoor play/Get moving – A little break, fresh air and moving around helps to break the monotony of the classroom studies and help kids to feel stress-free. Games period or any kind of break from continuous classes should be there. I am very happy with the concept my daughter’s school follows but one thing I didn’t like was that in higher classes, extracurricular are less than academics. I feel it should be the opposite as it’s the time when kids are actually under stress due to added pressure of higher grades. So schools should give equal importance to extracurricular too.
  3. Change the curriculum – I feel the syllabus needs a change and there should be more focus on skill-based learning. I believe that if you teach a skill, you actually enable them for a lifetime. Subjects like entrepreneurship, life management, life skills, etc. to empower the youth.
  4. Include stress-free sessions – Schools must include workshops or teenagers where they can discuss their thoughts. There should also be classes/sessions like yoga, meditation and teach them mindfulness as there are many benefits associated with it.
  5. Change the reward system – Creativity, research, innovation, problem-solving and original thinking should be rewarded. Marks and grades make kids anxious and stressed. A change in the grading system can surely help to remove a lot of stress in kids.

Our education system surely needs a change but it’s not going to happen overnight. Do you have any ideas or thoughts? Do share it with me in the comments below.

This post is for writing for a purpose #causeachatter and my theme is #NoStressEducation. I will be sharing one post every month about reducing the stress around the education system not only for kids but parents too.