Women leaving the pubs after celebrating New Year’s Eve were met with drunken revelers who tried to molest and accost them. – Indiatoday

More New Year Eve horror: Girl walking home grabbed, groped in Kammanahalli- Times of India

We all woke up to this news from Bangalore on first day of New Year. And these incidents again raised many questions about safety of women in our country. As a worried mom, I feel scared thinking of all the things going around and all the crimes happening against women.

Today a mom wants to send a message to everyone out there through this letter-

A MESSAGE TO OTHER MOMS- Dear moms,Β I strongly feel that we should not only make our daughters strong but teach our sons to respect women too. Teach your girls to take charge of things and not sit and wait for someone else to take charge of things. Teach your sons to respect women as equals. Also teach them household chores, so that he knows that cooking, cleaning, washing etc. are not just ‘women’s chores’.

A MESSAGE TO DADS- Dear dads, showing respect is teaching respect. There are many incidents where a son follows whatever he saw in his family as a child.Β It is very important that your kids see you respecting their mom and not screaming or shouting at her in front of them.Β 

AΒ MESSAGE TO WOMEN- Dear fellow women/girls, Stop blaming each other and let’s start standing up for each other. If we all support each other instead of bringing each other down, amazing things can happen. Let’s love more, show solidarity, support each other and stand up for our rights.

As a mom, I feel helpless, scared, angry and upset when I hear such incidents. I want a safe country for my daughters. What do you think about all the recent incidents of molestation and crimes against women?

Waiting to know your thoughts, concerns, and ideas as a mom against all this. This was my concern as a worried mom.

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