This movie is a typical Salman movie. Sultan or king whatever we call it, there is something to look forward to in this movie.

Salman is a wrestler in the movie and is shown as a middle-aged man who remembers his past and comes back after some years. Anushka is a feminist and a wrestler too but gives up all her dreams of becoming a big wrestler due to family reasons.

Here are the life lessons from the movie-

  1. Do not give up – Keep on trying until you reach your goal. Sultan didn’t give up until he became a wrestler.
  2. Winning or losing – The only person who can beat you is yourself. Losing is not the end of the world.  Sultan tries to be better than himself in the movie.
  3. Hard work– It is good to have goals but it’s more important to remember that hard work is important to achieve the goals.
  4. Persistence– A little persistence and extra effort can turn all your failures into success. Like Sultan turned his life around with constant hard work.
  5. Being arrogant or respectful – There is a very thin line between being proud and being arrogant. Be respectful towards others even if you are a winner and rule the world. Do not hurt others feelings by being rude.
  6. Comfort zone– In life, it’s important to come out of your comfort zone to do something. As nothing comes easy in life. We need to work hard and need to earn the respect of others.
  7. It happens – In life bad things happen but it is important to move ahead too. And no matter how many challenges are thrown at us, we must push through the way as Sultan does it for his family.

My elder daughter was little hesitant to see the movie but we were able to convince her finally. We all liked it and even if the story is pretty predictable, but the movie keeps you hooked on to it and you won’t feel bored. Though second half has a lot of wrestling scenes it is one of those few Bollywood movies where you can take your kids.