“Moms favourite word is – SALE.” My younger one declared the other day.

Sale, big brand sale, shopping- I am sure all women love these words. My girls are not very interested in shopping but I am sure one day they will be as girls and shopping are like synonyms.

I and Amrita thought of giving a prompt related to shopping this week as major sales are going on everywhere. We can all benefit from each other’s shopping experiences.

Going to malls on weekends during sale period is not easy. First of all, it is so crowded that you can’t find anything and if you are lucky enough to find something, there is a long line for trial rooms.

For this reason, we love shopping online as it is much hassle free. Order stuff from convenient of your home and there is an easy pickup and return policy if you don’t like it.

Here is my list of top 5 websites for online shopping –

  • Amazon– It is my favourite website when it comes to online shopping. I have installed its app too which is very convenient to use from my mobile. It is a complete family website as recently they started ‘Amazon pantry’ which is for grocery shopping. It is my first preference for any online shopping for its fast delivery, return policy and variety of things available.
  • Snapdeal– It is online fashion store which has accessories and fashion wear for the whole family. It is my favourite website for online clothes shopping for my family. I got some great deals on my daughter’s clothes in sale period recently.
  • Flipkart- This one is my daughter’s favourite as they get everything they are looking for, especially books. We love buying them here as sometimes we get a really good discount on them. It has everything available like clothes, shoes, accessories etc. But for my daughters, it is one place where they get their books from.
  • Big basket– Grocery shopping is something which takes our maximum time on weekends. We order our groceries from big basket to avoid crowded grocery stores and long lines on weekends. I am sure, all moms are going to agree that how difficult it is when you have small kids. It is not for emergency shopping as it takes at least 24 hours to deliver groceries. But it has good quality products, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Firstcry– It can be called as a ‘mommy website’ as it has everything available for kids and babies. I got some great stuff for my niece who is 10 months old from this site. Highly recommended for small kids and baby products. A one stop solution for products like diapers and toys, etc. You can also get good deals on some products from time to time.



I want to mention one more which is a recent one but helpful for moms and families- Zigy.com. It is an online medicine shop where you can buy health products too. Here you can get all kinds of prescription medicines too delivered fast at the convenience of your home. Try it to see for yourself.

This was my list and hope it can help other moms too. What about you? Share your 5 online shopping websites with us too.

Last week winner is Dipika. Read her entry here.


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