A few days back, one of my friends told me to write on “Being middle child in the family”. I and my husband both are the middle children and we immediately related to this topic. The eldest child is brought up very differently as it’s a completely new experience for parents. The youngest child is spoilt and parents are more indulged with them. Whereas, the middle child is the neglected one as they do not get as much attention as their siblings. If you are also a middle child, I am sure you can relate to these points-

1.Sandwiched between the family- They have to try hard to please everyone as they normally try to avoid confrontations. They want to be seen and at the same time, they don’t want to be confronted too.

Parent’s reaction- “Oh! Don’t worry, he must be somewhere around here, he can take care of himself.” (Really! Can you also take care of me FOR A CHANGE?)

2.Tired of comparisons – As the bar has been set low for them, they have low expectations from everything. But they do not like it when parents and everyone else compare them with their siblings at every point.

Parent’s reaction- “Hey! He did it when he was just 5, why don’t you also try to be like him.” (Really! Please remember that- I am DIFFERENT!)

3.Get all the hands down– You get all the stuff from older siblings which has been used by them.

Parent’s reaction- “These clothes are completely new, why you want to waste them. Even all the toys are in new condition, you can play with them.” (Really. Are they new? Of course, I can play with them. WHAT CHOICE DO I HAVE?)

4.Confused- They are always confused if they should act cool with their older siblings or play blocks or play dough with the younger one.

Parents reaction- “Go out to play with elder one, no wait, why don’t you do some colouring in Tom and Jerry book with the younger one?” (STOP CONFUSING ME!)

5.No attention– Elder one gets to spend time with mom as they were the only ones initially. Younger ones anyways get all the attention. Middle ones are the ones who never get the undivided attention of all.

Parent’s reaction- “He is small, let him sleep with mom today. You can sleep with elder one.” (That’s what I have been doing since I WAS BORN!”)

6.Grow up. Not really! – They grow up fast but they always remain small as there is already an elder one in the house.

Parent’s reaction- “When will you grow up?” (Only when you ALLOW ME TO!)

7.Achievements – As it has already happened, so all the accomplishments middle child achieves are not really great.

Parent’s reactions- You won this competition, even X won it last year!

Well, it’s not always bad being a middle child. Let me make you feel better about it. Here are some examples of people who were a middle child too- Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Princess Diana. 🙂

And of course, we all have a  #middlechildswag which makes us different 😉

middle child2

Share with me your thoughts if you are a middle child too!

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