Since the time we got married, we lived far away from our family.  Even I grew up the same way, our whole family spread out. Both I and my husband always had wanderlust. But over the years, I have realised that it’s good to have people around us. Not only for us but it’s more important for the kids.

One of the important things is family and living far from them is not easy. In the initial years of our marriage, we both loved travelling. We were enjoying our stay at different places but sometimes we realise things when reality strikes. I lost both my parents in the span of few years and sometimes the guilt of not staying nearby strikes me.

I also strongly believe, Friends are the family we chose for ourselves.”

We were lucky to have a good set of friends when we were in the USA. Both our daughters were born there and our friends were of great help. I think the bond of friendship becomes closer when you are staying so far off from family in a foreign land. We all used to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals together like a family and that make thing easier as you don’t feel homesick that much.

It is fun to do things with friends. It is always nice to have somebody to share all the joys and triumphs. I believe it is really important to have good friends as a part of our life.  We have somebody to lend a helping hand, to share adventures, to find a different perspective on things, to have a shoulder to cry on and keep loneliness at bay.

Of course, technology has made things easier like we can have face time with our loved ones whenever we want and chat with them but the real face time will always be missed.

And of course, as much as I’d love to live closer to all of my family at once but I feel, it makes visits and vacations that much more special.

As they say, ” The best times are always found when friends and family gather around.”


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