City takes a hike as buses strike‘- Latest news from Bangalore.

Bangalore transport union declared an indefinite strike on Monday and as a result, there were no buses and public transport available on the roads. People had to depend on autos and cabs for travelling and they are taking advantage by asking for hefty fares.

Our kids were not able to go to school and the normal life is affected. BEO has declared a holiday for all educational institutions due to fear of vandalism on roads.

Lately, we have seen a lot of such bandhs in Karnataka. The whole state bears the brunt of the strike and it makes things difficult for a common man.

Now this raises few questions –

  • How are closing schools and colleges due to indefinite strike a good idea?
  • Isn’t this going to affect the normal life?
  • Why are so many strikes and why different unions protesting one after the other?
  • How is a common man going to handle the strikes when they are not able to travel to their workplaces?
  • Is holding a strike going to solve the issues and not create more problems?

Normal life crippled and many were in for a surprise as they were expecting less traffic on the roads as public transport was not working. As a lot of people took out their own vehicles to travel, it became very chaotic and crowded.

There is a disruption in studies due to school getting closed and it gets really difficult for the working parents as they have to take time out to arrange for day-cares for the kids or stay back at home with the kids. Many parents will be relieved once the schools reopen and children go to school, as they can, therefore, go to work.

Strikes never achieve anything, except disruption especially when it involves children’s education. I’m normally against any strikes, as I think people should be grateful for the job they have and if they don’t like the conditions look for another job. Also, I think strikes shouldn’t be allowed on the basis of the number of innocent people whose lives it affects.

Finally, after three days schools open tomorrow and all the moms heave a sigh of relief and kids were not very happy as they were enjoying these unexpected holidays 🙂

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