Are you looking for new healthy food items to add to your list? Don’t look any further as here is a list of few superfoods which are new and people are trying them to see the benefits. There are chances that you might have already tried some of these-

  1. Quinoa – It is a seed/grain which is gluten-free, high in protein, and one of the rare plant food which contains all amino acids. It is also rich in various vitamins and minerals and is tasty and goes well with many food items. It can be used as a rice substitute or mixed with salads, soups or its flour can be added to various recipes. quinoa
  2. Chia seeds– It is a whole grain food which is loaded with nutrients which are good for our body and brain. These tiny seeds are power packed with many good nutrients and the good news is – “Very few calories.” You can easily incorporate them into any diet. These can be used in porridges, puddings or baked goods easily. Adding them to recipes will surely increase the nutritional value of the recipe.  chia seeds
  3. Oats- It is not a new food item in the market. We all are aware of this awesome cereal with different health benefits. It is a favourite breakfast food for people these days who knows its benefits. It helps in lowering cholesterol, losing weight, lowering blood sugar levels etc. The two common forms it is available in is – oatmeal and ground oats.

  4. Green tea– This is one more which is not new for people in India these days. People are realising its benefits and switching from normal tea to green tea slowly. It is a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients that are healthy for our body.  green tea
  5. Flax seeds- These are sometimes called linseeds and are brown or golden colour seeds. These are the richest source of omega 3 fatty acids and have many other health benefits too. You can incorporate them easily into different food items. It is best to use it in powdered form as it is difficult to digest otherwise. You can mix powdered seeds with your flour to make rotis or just sprinkle some on the gravies and soups. It is also called “Alsi” in India.    flax seeds


These are available in markets easily these days or you can buy these online too.This is my list of superfoods which are new in the market and I recommend people as a dietician. Share with me your list of superfoods like these if you know any or your experience if you are already trying some of these 🙂

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