Dance is an art which is an expression of ideas, stories, and emotions. It is not only a great way of exercise but it can be entertaining and an escape route from all negative thoughts and worries.  There are many different dance forms which are part of Indian culture. Almost every state of India has dance forms like-

  • Bharatnatyam
  • Kathak
  • Kuchipudi
  • Odissi
  • Bhangra and Giddha
  • Mohiniyattam and Kathakali
  • Ghumar
  • Sattriya
  • Thang-ta and Manipuri
  • Chau and many more.

But recently, we have seen many different forms coming in and people are exploring them with various dance schools. Dance has always been an important part of Indian culture but these new forms are also trending these days especially for the younger generation. There are different dance forms from across the globe which are attracting the youth of our country.

  • Contemporary Dance– It is one of my favourite and very famous worldwide. It is an expressive dance which combines different dance forms into one. It has fluid dance moves and there is a lot of confusion in India about its actual definition.
  • Ballet– Many schools all over the world teach ballet.  Ballet means “to dance”. It uses mainly orchestral music and has exact and precise movements.
  • Salsa– There is a huge craze for salsa these days and many dance schools in India are teaching it. It is very popular throughout Latin America. It is normally a couple dance and requires a partner.
  • Hip Hop– It is like a street dance which is done on Hip-hop music. It is pretty popular among younger generation these days.
  • B-boying– It is also a type of street dance which involves different skills and is very acrobatic. It also involves gymnastic type moves in it. A person performing this is called ‘B-boy’ or ‘B-girl’ or ‘breaker’.
  • Belly dance– It is originated from the Middle East and it is like an Arabic dance form. Some say that it is the oldest form of dancing which has roots in India too. It mainly concentrates on belly movements which are performed barefoot.
  • Zumba- It is not exactly a dance form but it is something which has created a storm in India in last few years. It is more like an aerobic exercise but involves a lot of dancing with repeated dance moves. It is a great form of workout with some awesome music and steps.

I believe dance is more than just a form or just a sport. It is a passion which you never want to give up on. I love dancing and strongly believe that everybody should try dancing and experience the magic.

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