I am sure many of us realised the importance of few small things which we otherwise take for granted. Nature, fresh air, plants, and our whole environment are few things which we all miss sitting at home. If the environment is healthy and clean, things are much better for all of us. That’s why It’s our duty to take care of it and It’s surely not difficult to do it sitting at home. Do you want to know how to take care of your environment sitting at home?

5 simple things to do to take care of your environment sitting at home –

  1. Turn off your lights when not in use – Switch off any extra lights when not in use. Use LED lights and more energy-efficient gadgets. Traditional bulbs consume much more electricity consumption. Also, you can use a single power plug point/strip for all the big gadgets at home. This will reduce consumption. Make sure to switch off any appliance which is not in use.
  2. Compost – This is something which I recently started in my home but on a small level. I am planning to start on a much bigger level once I get hang of it. This is something which everyone can easily do at home. You need an extra bin which can be used as a compost bin. It’s a misconception that composting is difficult. I am planning to do a detailed post on it soon.
  3. Use water wisely – Ask your kids and family members to use water wisely. Water conservation is important to make sure fresh clean water is available to everyone. It’s a simple step that everyone can follow at home to take care of the environment. To conserve water, use water can to water the plants, use a bucket to mop floors, turn off the taps properly when not in use, make sure there is no leakage anywhere, and use appliances like a dishwasher if possible.
  4. Buy sustainable products – When it comes to food products, you can buy organic and locally source food items. Avoid using paper towels and instead, use reusable towels for your kitchen cleaning. Buy recycled paper for printers at home and go plastic-free. Although in most cities, plastic carry bags are banned, make sure to avoid buying things that come in plastic containers or bags. You can get an eco-friendly car instead of a normal one if that’s possible. It can help to reduce the carbon footprint.
  5. Grow house plants and a mini garden – I love my mini garden on my balcony and it’s the best way to help the environment. You can start with easy-to-grow plants initially. Check out this post to know about easy balcony gardening tips. You can even start a small vegetable garden at home. It can take some time but gardening is surely a very rewarding experience.

These were few ways to take care of your environment sitting at home. It’s a nice way to even teach and inspire your kids to go green and take care of mother earth. Do you follow any other pointers to help the environment? Do share in the comments below.

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Check out this video about easy to grow plants-