A love for nature and care for the environment is something that we as mothers would love to pass on to our children. After all, when they grow up, they would have inherited a world full of plastic and polluted air, which they will have to navigate. It’s important to teach kids to connect with nature in such a way that they develop a love and a sense of belongingness for it.

Here are 5 ideas on how to get your kids to enjoy and look after mother nature. You can pick what suits your family needs the best.

Start a green corner in your home:

There are a few air purifications plants that are easy to grow. Chlorophytem, Snake Plant and Dracaena are among the easy to grow options that can thrive in small balconies or indoor spaces. When kids see their parents getting involved in the gardening, they learn fast. There is nothing like leading by example.

Take the kids out for a ‘Photo walk’:

Ask your kids to photograph 5 different kinds of leaves or 5 different flowers in a park. You can choose to give them mobile or a camera, whatever interests them. The idea is to get them to discover the diversity of nature.

Seeds Starter Kits:

This is easy, pencils with seeds are great to start seedlings. Also, consider gifting a seed starter kit to your kids on their birthday. The joy of nurturing a plant from a seedling is unlike any other.

Visit a Botanical Garden:

It can make for a great annual or a biannual picnic to a Botanical Garden in your city or any other city. Different varieties of flora and foliage in one place will get them interested in the rich biodiversity of nature.

Farm Visits to help kids connect with nature:

Orchard, Vineyard or Plantations are great options for not just travelling but also understanding why farm produce needs a certain climate or soil type to grow. Changes in climate will lead to an impact on the crops. Unless kids visit such places, they will find it hard to appreciate all of nature’s gifts.

Do try these ideas to help your kids connect with nature. Let me know in the comments section what ideas work for you. What have you tried among these ideas that your kids enjoy?

This video shows some simple ways to help kids take care of the environment.

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