There are many different scholarships available for kids in India and at the International level. Scholarships are a blessing for those kids who are not able to pursue education due to financial reasons. There are many government schemes to help kids who are not able to afford education but want to study further. Other than that, some private institutions provide different scholarship opportunities to kids. I recently came to know about Byju’s scholarship program and wanted to share about it.

Byju’s scholarship program

Byju offers up to 100% scholarship based on BNAT score. It’s a score that you can get by applying for the scholarship test. It is called Byju’s national aptitude test. This test is Pan India and it will help a student to identify and measure learning skills. This includes different learning skills which can help a child to achieve the actual learning potential. For example, application, retention, numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

BNAT test highlights –

It is India’s largest aptitude and scholarship test. If you take BNAT, you will be able to get a scholarship and learning skills report, a scorecard with subject-wise analysis, and personalized counseling after the test. Anyone from grade 4 to grade 10 can take this test online. You have to register on the website first. Also, you can find the syllabus details on the website according to the class you are applying for.

Byju’s National Scholarship test for IAS –

This test is for those who want to clear civil services exams but are not sure of the right steps to take. If you take the test, you will be able to they for a scholarship and get other benefits. For example, expert faculty members will provide you counselling based on your performance on the test. Also, you will get first-hand guidance to choose the right optional subjects. Along with all this, there will be a detailed assessment report and a scorecard. You can check out the website for more details.

byju's scholarship program

Byju’s scholarship program for 10th-grade toppers–

They also have a scholarship program for high school kids. You can get a waiver of applicable fees on a learning apps premium subscription. This app can be used for the JEE or NEET preparation or any of the commerce courses. There are some terms and conditions with it and one must check those carefully.

Few terms and conditions are – The child must have completed the 10th class board from a recognized university. The scholarship is personal to each student depending on his/her score and eligibility. Depending on their score, the child can opt for either JEE or NEET, or commerce programs. You can check the detailed terms and conditions here.

There are many scholarships available through the Government in the form of funding and financial aid. Do check them out for your kids. If you are looking for international options, there are a lot of universities that give good financial aids and scholarships depending on different factors.