Sports is an important aspect of a child’s life and education.  Team sports not only have physical benefits but also help develop social and cognitive skills. You cannot deny the importance of team sports for kids.

Last week, we watched our daughter play a soccer tournament with another five-year-olds, and while it was cute to see the little girls run around, trying to score a goal. It was also interesting to see how they reacted to each goal and loss. The lessons from playing in a team are beyond just getting an exercise. It supports the development of significant life skills.

I am listing some of the benefits that kids can get from playing team sports-

Team Sports help with social interactions:

It is an important life skill. While playing you have to interact with your teammates, learn co-operation and develop understanding with other players. Something we have to do all our adult life and this is the easiest setting to pick these skills.

Team Sports teach working together:

Teamwork is the biggest takeaway that sports can provide. The team plays together to achieve a common goal and work in collaboration with each other. Every member has to make a contribution in order to win.

Team Sports give lessons on winning and losing:

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s all part of the game. The lesson is to be humble when you win and not to be discouraged when you lose. It s also what sportsmanship is about, to be respectful to your and the opponent team, no matter who wins or loses.

Team Sports encourage decision making:

All sports are time-based and the players need to be quick thinking. Sometimes the situation could be high pressure and require fast decision making. Sports help them develop this skill. Also, read the Chhalaang movie review which emphasises on sports in school. 

Team Sports are bonding time for parents and kids:

Taking time off work for practices and matches, Standing in the audience and cheering them on or just being with them when they don’t win – there are so many ways parents and kids bond through this experience.

Team sports are a key addition to a child’s learning. Each kid will have a different interest. As a parent we can give them an opportunity to explore their possibilities. If they don’t like a particular sport, it is alright to move on. They will eventually find something that they will love and en