Education has been a significant part of society from the very beginning of civilizations. It does not only mean going to school and gaining theoretical knowledge. Instead, education is a continuous process of kids learning. In early times, the education system was gurukul based. Slowly, the gurukul system shifted to schools. Instead of living in the gurukul, they started visiting schools in a nearby area and returned home in the afternoon. The culture of teaching a life skill to kids disappears. The focus shifted to theoretical knowledge. In this article, you will learn about the importance of Project-based learning for kids.

project-based learning for kids

With a focus on academic education, kids lost their creativity. The jobs became labor-driven. Now, the technically advanced jobs are again demanding creativity or innovation. So, kids now have to be creative. For this, project-based learning for kids is a good option. It focuses on the practical application of what you read in theory.

Let’s talk about the importance of education with a focus on project-based learning for kids.

What is project-based education?

Everyone understands the importance of education. It teaches people how to survive in life. However, nowadays., education is more about reading and learning theories. Therefore project-based learning for kids is crucial. It focuses on practical application rather than theoretical knowledge.

Project-based learning is similar to a training program for a particular occupation. Initially, career colleges incorporated instruments for project-based training courses. However, today kids also get project-based training to develop skills among them. One of the popular sites offering such courses is Real school.

Project-based training is important as they teach kids real-life skills. Some organisations like Dreambox Learning in America and Real School in India, keep skill-based training at the forefront of their educational skill offerings.

Some of the major courses that include project-based education are:

  • Fitness
  • Design Thinking
  • Project Planning
  • Leadership management

If you carefully look at the list of courses, you will feel a similarity between them. Although these fields have differences, they are similar as they all require particular skill sets. Beyond the theoretical knowledge, you will need practical training to succeed in these fields.

Project-based education helps to develop these skill sets in kids. Learning them, through various reputed ed-tech sites like Real school, at an early age will benefit them in many ways. If properly trained, they will get an option to choose from a wide range of job opportunities. They will not get dependent on a particular career path. Instead, they might build a way for themselves.

Importance of project-based learning for kids

project-based learning for kids

 Loosely speaking, project-based learning helps kids to understand the way of life through practical applications. It develops the skill set they will require in their life. Most of the superpowers of the world are now becoming more professional. Earlier, a college degree holds value but, now it has somewhere lost its glory.

Most employers consider project-based courses like boot camps as a standard mark. Research on the importance of project-based learning for kids advised that the education system should shift its focus from bookish knowledge to project-based learning. Also, the report says that employees need a project-based learning program to handle highly skilled jobs. Bootcamps offered by ed-tech platforms provide a way to develop essential skills required to survive in the growing economy.

According to a survey, the main reasons behind the requirement of project-based courses by employers are:

  • It ensures that candidates have the required skill.
  • Employers are skilled enough to handle a particular position in their department.
  • It ensures that the job candidate fulfills licensing requirements.

Therefore, you should not underestimate its importance.

Benefits of project-based learning

●  Specialised training

The most significant benefit of a project-based training program is the training it provides in a specialized field. It involves training for unique skills that will help in future workplaces.


●  Better job opportunities

Project-based learning will act as an asset to your resume. Hence, the possibilities are you will get a good job opportunity. According to a study, employers prefer candidates who have the required skills and experience for the job. Hence your chances of getting selected will increase.

●  Higher earning

If you have done a project-based learning course, you might get a higher incentive than your colleagues. It mostly happens when you look for the first job after your college gets over. According to a report, the employees with project-based education had received a 7% higher earning over the last five years.

Getting a new career

In case you want to change your job and want to do something completely different from what you were doing till now. Then you will require some different skillsets for that work. Project-based education will help you to develop those skills.

Better learning environment

It is often difficult to get proper training in a crowded learning environment. However, platforms like Real school involve personalized care. It ensures that you will not get ignored in the crowd. It allows students to get the required practical education.

Increase in personal growth and development

When you read about something, you may develop an interest in it. However, when you do it in real life, you might start getting bored with it. So through project-based learning, you get a chance to explore yourself. You can try various practical courses and see what suits you the most. Once you know your field of interest, you can pursue it as your job.

Through project-based learning, your kid will learn a lot about the skills required to survive in life.


Project-based education is said to develop social competencies among individuals. It also gives health-related benefits. Many organisations like Real School also design specially curated vocational courses, that have proven to have a positive impact on the child’s attitude, motivation, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Broadly saying, project-based learning benefits society as a whole. If each individual grows up with skill sets, the world will see a generation of skilled, creative, and innovative youth.