Are you on twitter? No? Really?

How about Facebook? No? Really?

Must you be on hangouts? Google+? WhatsApp? Instagram? Skype? Tumblr?

These are the kinds of conversations we have today. If a person is not on any of the social media platforms, he is considered either outdated or disconnected.

We all have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. We all post different posts, pictures to share our thoughts, joys, sorrows, through these mediums.  As much as it’s stealing the actual joy of face to face chat, socialising, and meeting people in real. I believe it has become a way for people to stay in touch, share events, and easily interact with people who are far away.

It’s now possible to reconnect with that long-lost friend from school/college or stay in touch with relatives who are not nearby and we don’t get to see very often. When we didn’t have all these mediums of social interactions, the only way we could connect was through phone calls, or by meeting each other. It’s much easier now to keep up with our fellow workers through professional networking sites.

Video chatting, online chatting and social media’s like WhatsApp have made it so easy to chat with our loved ones when they are travelling or are far away. It has surely changed the way we communicate and has opened up so many doors that we have embraced fully.

I don’t agree that “Technology is destroying relationships or relationships are subsumed by Facebook or WhatsApp!”

Personal interaction with other people has definitely lessened but one should know where to draw the line or how much time/information we should give to these mediums. It can surely affect our relationships if we become addicted to all this and pay more emphasis on virtual interactions than the real ones.

Agree that it has made people more introvert and they avoid face to face interactions these days. I’m grateful for growing up and spending half my adult life without it though because I know how to communicate both ways and I can bring what I grew up with and learned. But for me, its advantages weigh more than disadvantages.


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