Moms are special in many ways. They make you smile, they guide you, and they are always there when you need them. They are your biggest critics and someone who thinks her kids are best in the world.

But do you say thank you to her for everything she does or told her how special she is? It’s that time of the year again. Mother’s day is around the corner and it’s the best day to share your feelings.

We bring to you a fun mother’s day contest to share stories about your mom on Mother’s day 2018. You can share your thoughts in the post as a mom or as a daughter/son.

Mother's day contest

As moms, you can write on following topics –

  1. Every day is mother’s day.
  2. Why I like being a mom.
  3. Motherhood and challenges.
  4. My mom journey.
  5. Why motherhood is not easy.
  6. Or any topic of your choice.

As a daughter/son, you can write on following topics –

  1. A letter to your mom thanking her.
  2. Why my mom is special.
  3. Mom! You mean the world to me.
  4. Any topic of your choice.

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How to participate:

  1. Write the story/blog post on your blog. You can even link up any old post related to mother’s day or motherhood. But make sure you add the necessary line mentioned below in point number 2 in Terms and conditions. 
  2. Link back to
  3. Winners will be chosen randomly and the judge’s discretion on winners and prizes is final.
  4. The contest is open from 8th May to 15th May.
  5. The first prize winner will receive a gift worth Rs.1599/- from our sponsors SoulSrijan.

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  7. Everyone is a winner. So don’t worry if you don’t win. Every participant also receives a surprise gift.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. There is no restriction on the number of words.
  2. The post should necessarily have this line at the end of your post – This post is an entry for mother’s day contest by kreativemommy.
  3. The post should necessarily be linked to linky.
  4. Follow our sponsors on Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Post content should be original. No plagiarism.
  6. Make sure you follow all 3 rules to qualify. (Link up post, Follow our sponsors on Fb and Instagram and add the necessary line mentioned in point 2 in your post.)
  7. For bonus points, share this post and tag friends. 🙂

Happy mothers day to all the sweet mommies out there!