“A very different experience, a great event, and awesome music.” This is how my daughter described the event when we came home after attending # Hexaexperience an event by Tata motors. It was a three-day event at Bangalore about their latest SUV car Tata Hexa which will be launched in January 2017.

The event was scheduled for the Christmas weekend and it started on 23  December 2016 and ended on 25 December 2016 in Bangalore. I got a mail from Indiblogger and really wanted to attend it to experience TATA Hexa. The event was held at White Orchid convention center, Bangalore.


Main features of this event were-

  1. There was live off-road and on-road experience for the visitors. There was a different kind of tracks laid down to experience different features of Hexa.

2. Digital zone to experience features of the car on a screen with the help of a staff member.

3. Pet zone where you can adopt pets and buy different accessories and things related to pets.

4. Live singing area where all three days famous live bands performed.

5. Kids play area to leave your kids when you can go and enjoy off-road and on-road Hexa experience.

6. Various food counters and tea/coffee counter to get food and drinks to get refreshed after the whole experience.

  • Live music
    Live music
  • Kids play area
    Kids play area
  • Pet adoption area
    Pet adoption area
  • Food stalls
    Food stalls



Initially when they told about it and when I saw the tracks and the way the car was going up and down, I got really scared. But the whole experience was great and thrilling. There were different kind of tracks and it had inclines, declines, side slopes, axle twisters, stairs and high and low descent tracks . These were designed to test the power, stability and the driving experience of the Hexa. The whole off-road experience showed us how Hexa can go over any kind of surface smoothly.

  • Off road experience
    Off road experience
  • Off road experience
    Off road experience
  • Off road experience
    Off road experience
  • Off road experience
    Off road experience
About the car- TATA Hexa
  • Tata Hexa is a powerful vehicle specially designed for those who love thrill and adventure.
  • The seats are very comfortable with a lot of good leg room space at the back too.
  • It has  ‘Super Drive Modes’ system which allows the driver to easily switch between the four different driving modes,  Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road, for a comfortable drive & stability.
  • Tata Hexa goes at 100 kmph in just 8 seconds and gives a high-speed of 197 kmph. It has 6 Airbags with a good and powerful braking system.
  • It has cruise control, automatic climate control system and my favourite feature – mood lighting in different soft colours.
  • As a music lover, I loved the fact that it has custom tuned JBL speakers and radio, audio and media personalised settings from the smartphone.
  • It is a very comfortable 7 seater family car with contoured bonnet and lower bumper. It also has Led’s above the fog lights which gives it a very sporty look.
  • Good ground clearance of 200mm and it also has disc brakes on the front and rear and has a wheelbase of 2850 mm.

To know more about the car, Watch this video-


When I got a mail from Indiblogger about this event, I was not very sure if I will be attending it as it was mainly about cars. But I am glad now that I attended it as it was indeed a different experience. It was a 3-day fun-filled event for all family members and my daughter also enjoyed it as much as I did.