Do you know a baby requires good nutritional foods when s/he starts solids? Most parents focus on quantity and not quality. That’s why it’s important to know what to feed your child and how much to feed. As a parent, I know the importance of nutritional baby foods and I have first-hand experience with Gerber baby foods and sharing the same with you.  Also, the good news is that you can get Greber baby food in India too.

Gerber baby food in India

Do’s and don’ts once you start Solids-

You must wait for the baby to turn at least 6 months old to start solids. According to doctors, the baby should be able to sit properly and hold the neck straight. Make sure you discuss with your baby’s paediatrician before starting. Once he gives a green signal and you think the baby is also ready, start your baby’s first foods.

Start with simple single ingredient puree. You can start with pureed fruits and vegetables but it is always better to start with vegetables as fruits are much sweeter and kids would always prefer that. This is something I remember with my elder one, I gave her mashed banana and after that she rejected vegetables.

Keep the quantity to a minimum as initially the baby will be only taking a few spoons. Also, make sure to look out for any allergies. Sometimes a child is allergic to some fruits or vegetables. Make sure the food is unsalted and unsweetened too.

Food options from Gerber baby food-

You don’t have to be a master chef to make healthy food for your baby. It’s not difficult to make nutritional baby foods for your child. You just need a blender, some supplies, and fresh ingredients or go with Gerber baby food options.

WHEN INTRODUCING SOLIDS – Gerber has single fruit or vegetable jars for 6 months onwards. These are perfect when starting solids for your child for the first time. You always start with cereals and then go to vegetables and fruits. Rice cereal – It is one of the very common food to start with. You can make it into a thin consistency by adding some milk and feed the baby. Oatmeal cereal is another good option for babies that you and your child will love. In stage one foods, Gerber has banana puree jar, pear jar, pea puree, etc. Carrot puree – My daughter loved this and I remember she preferred it to other vegetables especially peas.

Gerber baby food in India

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7 MONTHS ONWARDS – Gerber has mixed fruit and vegetable jars for your little ones.

By this time, you know that child is accepting solids and if he/she is allergic to anything. Till now you tried single-ingredient purees, but now you can make little thicker purees and also mix ingredients together. Now you can mix cereal with fruits, or cereals with different vegetables and feed your baby. Gerber has these options –

  • Organic pear mango avocado puree
  • Apple spinach and kale – It is a perfect blend of fruit and vegetables in a jar for your little one.
  • Apple carrot squash in a jar – another good combination of fruits and vegetables.
  • Banana Acai Berry mixed grain – This one is a perfect mix of cereal along with veggies and fruits.

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Benefits of Gerber baby foods –

Their baby food is developed based on nutritional research to match the baby’s developmental stage. The Stage 1 foods are called Gerber 1st Foods, which is the stage mostly after cereal. The second stage foods called Gerber 2nd foods come after that. The fruit or vegetable contains no added flavourings, or added sugar or salt. So, they are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Organic Gerber 1st Foods meet the strict standards given by the USDA’s Organic Program. They produce their own organic food and also ensure the quality by testing procedures. The baby foods are non-GMO and also preservatives free.

The best part is that these are easy to carry while travelling or when you are outside. You don’t have to worry about your baby’s food while going out. Simple carry the pouch or packet with you.

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Conclusion –

As a mom, all I can say is that the trick is not to panic if your child is not interested in some of the foods you introduced. I have a good experience with Gerber baby foods when my daughter was small and I recommend them. We used them when we were in the US but the good news is that you can get Gerber baby food in India easily from this website which delivers it to India. Do check them out and happy feeding!