August 2016

A flying Jatt- We all need Superheroes!

“A flying Jatt” – A movie on a story of a Superman who saves his country from a villain. It is a fantasy movie with a strong message in the end. The kids are going to love this movie as… Continue Reading →

We Are Girls And We Are Not A Burden!

“She turned her cant’s into can’s and her dreams into plans!” Dipa Karmakar, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik- They are all “girls” and they have all made India proud at international level. “India”- The same country in which people look at girls… Continue Reading →

Sisters Are Forever Friends!

Sisters are like angels in disguise,  Full of life, intelligent and wise. Sister’s love is unconditional,  It is a love that has no end. If you are ever in trouble, She is always there to defend. Sometimes they get mad… Continue Reading →

My Birthday And My 5 Learnings!

It’s my birthday (Hello to all the charismatic and adventurous Leos) 🙂 and first thing that comes to my mind on my birthday is how much I miss my parent’s everyday but especially today. I’ve been wondering what to write for… Continue Reading →

Me and my Brother- Memories of Childhood.

Time is running fast like sand out of our hands,

And in the middle of all this, memories are timeless treasures of the heart.

The time we have spent together was so memorable,

The fights we shared were too miserable.

10 Ways To Enjoy Rains With Kids!

Gloomy weather? Raining heavily? Boredom? Can’t step out? Can’t go out to play with buddies? As a mom you are confused on how to keep your kids entertained and help them enjoy rains? Here are few ways to enjoy rains… Continue Reading →

My Country, My Freedom, My Vision

                                                                 Freedom is right to do something we love,… Continue Reading →

Friendship And Trust

 A short story- Two friends Adya and Siya planned a camping trip with some college friends. On the way, they had to cross a big bridge. While crossing the bridge, Siya was kind of scared so she asked her friend, ‘Adya,… Continue Reading →

Are You Angry Or Hungry?

Do you snap at somebody when you are hungry or lose patience before getting anything to eat, there are chances you are a hangry person. 🙂 Angry person + Hungry person = Hangry person But where does ‘hanger‘ come from?… Continue Reading →

Fears Of A Mom

When you are a mom, it’s normal to have anxieties, When you are a mom, it’s normal to have fear of unknown. With changing world all around, I see her growing in front of me and get scared. I am… Continue Reading →

5 Ways By Which Kids Teach Us To Be Happy

Kids can be messy, dirty, throwing tantrums all around but surely we will not trade them for anything in this world. A little hug or a small kiss can melt your heart easily and they can teach us many things… Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Chai!

It was my first trip to the USA with my husband after marriage. I was nervous, excited, and curious regarding the new country. Our flight was delayed and we reached quite late. One of my husband’s office colleague was waiting for us…. Continue Reading →