I am back with one more chronicle from my bag of teen and tween stories. Here I am, as I promised to share the bungalow story with you all in my last chronicle.

Those who read my last teen and tween chronicle, know what I am talking about. I mentioned about a bungalow which my younger one talks about.

Me- An, What do you want to be when you grow up?

An- A billionaire. I will have a big bungalow and lot of servants. I will be really rich and if you want you can come and stay with me.

Me- A billionaire? For that, you need to study and get a good job.

An- Mom Billionaires don’t work. I will have a big business of my own.


Ok, now I and my husband are not sure where it’s coming from. But her answer took us down the memory lane when most of us wanted to be a doctor, at least used to say that we will be a doctor when we grow up.

On the other hand, the teenager is little confused when we ask her the same question. There was a time when she wanted to be a DJ, and after some time it changed and she wanted to be a psychologist. And we were relieved when she changed her decision. As DJ to a psychologist was a good improvement. πŸ˜‰

After Tweens declaration that she will be a billionaire, my teenager also made some plans.

β€œI have decided something. I am planning to do nothing as anyways An will be a billionaire. So, I will just go and stay with her. Why should I work hard when my sister is going to be a billionaire?” Teen declared.

Well, now we are all set with our future plans. What about you? Were you this clear when you were a 10 year and 14 years old?

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