Friends are like rainbow on a sunny day,

They make you happy and never let you go away.

Friends are like sunshine on a gloomy day,

They are the reason for your smile even when they go away.

Sometimes, you don’t have to be near,

It’s enough to know that a true friend is there.

True friendships are hard to find,

But once you have it, just cherish it as it’s for life time.

Sometimes you want to write on a topic and just go blank while writing. That’s what happened with me today. I really wanted to pour out my thoughts about the topic of friendship especially when its friendship day and a lot of people will be celebrating this day with their friends.

My blogging journey started a long time back but one year back it was a big change for me when I started my own blog. I have got some really great friends in life and some not so great. I think it’s same with everybody as friendship is similar to life which has its own ups and downs.



Blogging taught me many things and it also showed me that you can really have an unconditional support in other people who are going to be your best friends later.

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Things I learnt from Blogging about Friendship-

  1. You can have a big group of acquaintances but very few real friends.
  2. As a blogger, you need support from friends. Blogging is nothing without a good support from other blogger friends. A community always helps.
  3. True friends are going to stick with you no matter what but the real problem is finding that true and real friend.
  4. Blogging friends are online friends who we rarely meet in real life. But when you meet them it’s like you have known them forever.
  5. Do not feel overwhelmed by everything happening around. Choose friends wisely and do not compare yourself with others. Remember that you are your own brand ad comparing yourself with others is not going to help as you are unique.

I met some of my first online friends or first blogger friends almost a year back and I am thankful for them and their support during those days. I would never have thought that my blog would get me such great friendships.


Sometimes it’s really overwhelming to see so many people ready to help you and on the other hand, it leaves you thinking about many things. I am thankful for all my blogging friends who taught the true meaning of friendship in some way or the other. 🙂

Do you think blogging taught you something about friendships too? Waiting to hear from you.

Wishing all my blogging friends a very happy friendship day. 🙂

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