Friendship is one such relationship which we decide or rather choose for ourselves, isn’t it? The loveliest relationship brings freshness and happiness in life. Best friend forever, a childhood friend, a first friend we usually use such prefixes before naming our best buddies.

FRIENDS – life is nothing without them. In one lifetime we meet many people, offline and online. Some click instantly and few take time to develop into a relationship. I am fortunate to have many such beautiful relations in life, whom I can call my BFFs. My girl gang with whom I love interacting on instant messaging apps or meeting a few times over cuppa.

There are many movies made, books are written, stories been told about this beautiful relation. But do we really appreciate the value of friendship? Don’t we tend to take the loveliest relation of mankind as – granted? We all get so engrossed in life, that relations life friendship takes a back seat. Eventually leading up into just another name on the life’s book.

I am a typical Leo woman, who love chattering around and having fun around. Quite obvious to the star strength, also have a long list of friends. Few thicker than blood and few acquaintances, but friends are ‘friends’, period.

A trip down memory lane reminds me of instances where friends were everything for me. I stood by them, fought for them, were almost on the verge of taking life for them (pun intended). However, today the scene has changed drastically. I still have the same notion of friendship, but the zeal and energy are lost. Many might call it a mid-life crisis or few say it happens to everyone but the fact is – We take friendship for ‘granted’.

Are you a Friend’s friend?

Yes, I am. I believe in friendship and cherish this relationship with all my heart and soul. Even when the tunnel is all dark, I don’t mind venturing it in the scope of any future hope.

“Life is the best Teacher.”

Life teaches us many things, some sweet and some hit us like crude realities. In the past, I have seen this relation from many angles and learned a lot from it too. Friendship is like that plant, which needs extra special care, in the beginning, to give you sweetest of fruits later in life. With time and life, the relations also grow and we get more mature. Life moves on, and so our equation with friends. But the crux of any happy relation is – Stay in Touch.

As they say ‘out of sight, is out of mind’.

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Friendship lessons

One thing you wish to share with your kids about friendship – Friendship lessons from a mom.

Today, as parents we see our kids going through the same stages of affection, friends, best friends, and all. It’s like life is showing us our own past, and we try to live it again via our children. Don’t we all do it?

‘Talk to her, she is good.’ ‘Don’t go near that kid, he/she hits.’ ‘Did you hear her language, don’t ever talk to her again.’

These are the most common things we observe and advise kids. But do they give us any heed when it comes to choosing friends? Didn’t we do the same with our parents? Today, as parents we want to warn them against many things but in the end, we don’t. Let LIFE be their teacher. Because there are few things which only comes via experiencing it first-hand.

Few friendship lessons to teach your kids –

  1. Teach them to celebrate the differences.
  2. Teach them to support their friends when they need them.
  3. Also, teach them not to judge their friends on the basis of looks, caste or creed.
  4. Kids learn by watching. So, be a good friend yourself and show them good friendships are important.
  5. Teach them to be loyal as it’s all about sticking together and being patient.

Next time when you reminisce an old memory or think of a long-lost buddy don’t wait for any occasion to arrive. Just pick up the phone and talk. After all – friends are forever.

This post a part of guest post series for Friendship day.

Author Bio – 

Dipika is a lifestyle blogger and freelance educator. Mom of a 5-year-old and a strong believer in karma. Right now settled down in Mumbai with a full nest and dreams to make it big. Her blog gleefulblogger is an exact replica of her mind with some quirky, funny and versatile posts.