When we decided on this prompt, so many funny habits came to my mind. I was confused about which ones to mention. Of course, all are not worth mentioning and few needs to be a secret too.  😉

Although I have plenty, I am going to share 3 funny habits I am thankful for –

  1. Curd and rice- I cannot eat any rice dish without curd. I always need curd with my rice and one time there was no curd at home for lunch and I decided to call my husband to get one packet. He was on the way back from a meeting and was driving. He didn’t pick up my call and I kept calling him few times. After a while, he saw 5 missed calls and got worried. He immediately called back to ask the emergency and when I told him the reason, you can imagine his reaction very well. 😀 
  2. To do lists– I have a habit of making to-do lists and cannot plan anything without them. You will find a lot of to-do list all around my house with different things on them. I like to categorise and write everything important. I worry that I might forget and that’s why I like to write everything. 
  3. Paranoid- I have this habit of checking expiry dates on all food items and also smelling them to check if it’s ok to eat or not. Most foods are OK even after expiry date for some time but I am extremely wary of eating foods which are not fresh. I also keep on telling my family to check the food before eating and everybody is fed up of this habit of being extra careful. 

There are many other habits like-  Reading– I have a habit of reading before sleeping. I cannot sleep until I read something,  Listening to music-  Every time I am writing or cooking.

A bad habit is only a habit until you observe it, then it just becomes a choice– Boona Mohammad

   Share 3 funny habits you are thankful for.